• Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
• Offline achievements: 23 Achievements (500)
• Online achievements: 7 Achievements (500)
• Approximate amount of time to 1000 : About 10+ hours
• Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (Mission Select)
• Number of missable achievements: None (Mission Select)
• Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
• Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty setting just skulls
• Glitchy achievements: None
• Unobtainable achievements: None
• Extra equipment needed? None


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Hello Spartan Recruit! Halo: Spartan Assault is a twin stick shooter that is a training module for Spartan recruits stationed on the UNSC Infinity. The missions detail the adventures of Lieutenant Sarah Palmer and Captain Davis.





Playthrough 1:

The bulk of the achievements are in the single player campaign. Each of the six operations of five missions come with their own achievement being Overrun, Switched On, Switched Off, Evacuated, Terminated, and Archeology In your first playthrough you can try to get the mission specific achievements which are Escort Service, Nowhere to Hide, Never Knew What Hit Them, Brute Force, Vidmaster Challenge, Foot Solider,Silvertip, and Vidmaster Challenge 2.0 in the order as they appear in the missions. You can obtain Skull Combo easily on the first mission or you can wait and get it while going for either of the Vidmaster achievements. While you are playing the missions it is advised to pick up any weapons and armor abilities on the ground and use them at least once. This will help you get the Powered by MJOLNIR and Weapon of Choice achievements. A few more items will need to be purchased from the loadout screen to get the achievements to pop. The Recruit (earning a star of any type) and Prodigy (earning your first gold star) achievements will be obtained without much effort early on as those missions are a bit easier. You will be working towards the Extra Credit achievement by simply playing you are already working towards the Pension Plan achievement which is for earning 25,000 xp throughout your Spartan Assault profile (single and Co-Op combined) as well as the Distinguished Service achievement for getting all single player medals at least once. You will also be trying to get as many Gold star ratings for each mission as you can in your first go for the 117 achievement.

Playthrough 2/Clean-up:

If you don’t have the mission specific achievements now is the time to do so. You will be replaying any mission you did not get a gold star rating in for 117. You are looking to get thirty gold stars on for each level. Extra Credit is the grind achievement for the game. It asks you to complete three challenges for each mission which forces you to play each mission multiple times in order to meet the criteria. There are a total of ninety challenges in total needed in order to obtain this achievement. The good news is while you are grinding the achievement you are still working towards the Distinguished Service and Pension Plan achievements.


These achievements are best completed with a person with a mic who you can communicate with as things can get a bit hectic without solid communication. You will have to play with random players at some point to obtain The Company of Strangers (play with at least 5 different players). Just like in single player Flooded is an achievement for completing all of the missionsin Co-Op. This mode has it’s own list of medals to be obtained for the Overachiever achievement. The Dynamic Duo achievement is unlocked by getting a gold medal in the five Co-Op missions. Where in single player you can avoid purchasing the “Score Booster” in the loadout screen, it is advised for Co-Op. Since you are going to be needing to replay the missions multiple times to get the Extermination(10,000 flood kills) achievement, you might as well play each mission twice with your partner taking turns getting a better score than the other player. By doing this you are both working towards the The Enemy of my Friend (get a higher individual score thanyour partner on all Co-Op missions). The trickiest achievement is Immune where you can not be touched by a yellow Flood spore.

Cross-Platform Achievement Unlocks:

W8/WP8 -If you played these versions first your completion of levels and medals carry over from other platforms. There are some slight deviations in the achievements from phone/PC to the console versions.

Xbox One / 360 – If you played this version and choose to play the other platforms later, these achievements will pop with no problem.
Recruit, Prodigy, and 117 (for gold stars)
Pension Plan (25,000 XP)
Tour of Duty (all gold stars in Operation F)
Distinguished Service (all medals earned at least once)
Weapon of Choice (a kill with each weapon)

To get the remaining achievements you will simply need to
1. Play level 5 of each operation
2. Complete all level-specific achievements (Vidmaster challenges, etc)
3. Complete one weekly challenge

Co-Op -One mission should should pop the following Co-Op achievements for you.
Flooded (complete all Co-Op missions)
Extermination (10,000 Flood kills)
Overachiever (earn all Co-Op meals) if you earned a medal but did not complete the mission it will count for the console you played it on but will need to be re-earned on the other platform.


Halo: Spartan Ops is a game for fans of the Halo series who love the lore of it’s universe and want to know more beyond that of the Master Chief. The game takes place after Halo 3 and offers you background on the the missions Lieutenant Sarah Palmer and Captain Davis under went before Halo 4 opens up. Players who enjoy twin stick shooters will feel at home with game as it offers a decent variety of game play and Co-Op is challenging and very rewarding. The game is a reasonable price for the content given to you and it will keep you entertained because of it’s replay value.


 Overrun – 20
Complete Operation A

*Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

Each Operation has 5 missions to complete for each achievement.

 Switched on – 20
Complete Operation B

*Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

 Switched Off – 20
Complete Operation C

*Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

 Evacuated – 20:
Complete Operation D

*Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

 Terminated – 20
Complete Operation E

*Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

 Archeology -20
Complete Operation F

*Story Related Cannot Be Missed*

 Escort Service – 10
Keep all Wolverines intact in Operation A, Mission 3

The whole mission is to protect 2 Wolverines from being destroyed. You will want to stick with the tanks and don’t let Grunts hop on the turrets as they will take out the tanks pretty quickly. Also do not walk in front of the Wolverines they will run you over and kill you.

 Nowhere to Hide – 20
Prevent all Jackals from regenerating their shield in Operation B, Mission 3

The trick is here to kill the Jackals (enemies with pale blue shields) before their shields can fully regenerate. When you shoot them it will take down their shield so you can kill them. The best way to get this achievement is to avoid them as much as possible. First go south and let you fellow Spartans die from the turret. You want them to die because they tend to take down enemy shields but never finish them off. Then from there focus on killing the elites and healing yourself with the armor ability when needed.

 Never Knew What Hit Them – 20
Kill a convoy target with every stationary gun in Operation C, Mission 3

The goal here is to kill 4 Wraiths with 4 different turrets scattered on the map. There are 2 turrets on each side of the chasm. Also if you have any problems getting from one point to the next without dying you come with the stealth armor ability which helps out greatly.

 Brute Force – 20
Finish the objectives using only the Brute Shot, melee and grenades in Operation D, Mission 1

You cannot use anything except the Bruteshot, melee, and grenades to throughout the mission. You don’t come with a Bruteshot so you will need to kill a brute in the beginning for one. They usually fly into the area via jetpacks. Their are many grenade boxes all over which makes the achievement much easier. The whole mission is to destroy two doors and go into the last one to complete the mission. You do not have to kill anybody at all if you chose not to.

 Vidmaster Challenge – 30
Complete Operation E, Mission 1 with the Hollow and Black Eye Skulls active

The Hollow and Black Eye skulls must be active. The only way you will regenerate your shield is by melee hitting an enemy. You come equipped with the cloak armor ability and you definitely should use it when ever it is ready for use. Initially you want to sneak to the Phantom attacking as little as possible. Once at the Phantom you will need to kill the group of Elites and Brute Chieftain that spawn behind the energy walls. Use your grenades when needed and stealth often. Be careful to melee the Elites only do so when you are cloaked.

If you want to make it easier on yourself you can use “Over Shield” for 20 credits or 400 Xp to replace your cloak armor ability. Additionally, you can purchase a Sniper Rifle for 1000XP. This will help take down Elites much quicker towards the end.

 Foot Soldier – 20
Finish the objective without using any vehicles/turrets in Operation E, Mission 4

You have to kill the 6 yellow Elites without using any vehicle or turret. You come with the Hologram armor ability which you want to use to distract the enemy tanks so you can slip past them. Grenades will one shot the elites and is advised. The Drones will follow through the whole map so kill them quickly.

 Silvertip – 20
Destroy all Mega Turrets with the Grizzly tank in Operation F, Mission 2

You have to destroy all of the mega turrets with the Grizzly Tank. The mega turrets are the huge buildings that are shooting what looks like double Wraith shots at you. There are four of them throughout the map. If your tank is severely damaged you can commandeer a fellow Spartans tank and still obtain the achievement.

 Vidmaster Challenge 2.0 – 30
Complete Operation F, Mission 4 with the Blind and Thunderstorm Skulls active

You have to turn on the Blind and Thunderstorm skulls active and complete the entire level. Blind removes your HUD while Thunderstorm makes the enemies tougher. I personally think it makes them throw more grenades and bullet sponges. Melee kills them way easier then bullets if you get an opportunity. In this mission you want to destroy 3 light cores. There is one in the southwest, another in the southeast, and the last one is in the northeast. You come with the cloak armor ability and have 2 Spartans that respawn and follow you. Use them to distract th enemy while you are completing the objective. The shotgun and grenades take down the balls relatively quickly. Lastly head north and kill the enemies on the bridge and head through the door to complete the level.

 Recruit – 10
Earn a star of any type in an operation mission

See “117” for more information.

 Prodigy – 10
Earn your first Gold star in an operation mission

See “117” for more information.

 117 – 60
Earn all Gold stars in all operation missions

As you play the game you will notice a score counter on the bottom of your screen. Killing enemies and achieving medals increase your score. Each mission has 3 tiers bronze, silver, and gold. The best way to go about getting the highest score in each level is to take it slow and kill everything on the map. Don’t take it too slow though, you definitely want to chain your kills quickly together to obtain the best medals like Killionaire and Killing Frenzy. Getting melee kills on lonely enemies scattered around earn you more points than if you just shoot them as you run by them. If you are still having an issue there is a Booster called “Score Booster” in which increases points for kills and medals. For a quick way to grind XP to buy Score Boosters check the Pension Plan achievement.

*For a level by level guide below.







 Skull Combo – 20
Complete any Campaign mission with the maximum number of skulls active

This is accomplished when going for the 2 Vidmaster achievements. If you want to get this done right off the bat simply load up the first mission and choose the 2 easiest skulls. Hollow and Famine are the least punishing to use.

 Distinguished Service – 30
Earn all medals in the campaign at least once

There are 46 medals in the game, some of which are specifically for co-op. However, 32 of these are for single player. They generally consist of getting X amount of kills with a certain weapon while taking no damage. You can track which one you have in the Medals section on the Main Menu. Once you get familiar with the game and how it plays almost all of them will come naturally.

*Note having the distinguished medal on another platform doesn’t unlock it in this version of the game. It will show you the medals you unlocked previously but you must obtain every medal over again. This is difficult because you have to keep track on your own since the in game tracker isn’t accurate.

 Weapon of Choice – 10
Score a kill with every handheld weapon

This can only be obtained through the single player portion of the game. You need to get at least one kill with each weapon:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Magnum
  • Sniper Rifle (Costs 1,000 XP per mission)
  • Spartan Laser (Costs 1,200 XP per mission)
  • Rocket Launcher (Cost 2,000 XP per mission)
  • Plasma Pistol (Grunts)
  • Plasma Repeater (Elites)
  • Shotgun
  • Dual SMGs
  • Needler (Jackals)
  • Focus Rifle (Major Elites)
  • Brute Shot (Brutes)

All of the weapons will appear in game except for the Sniper Rifle, Spartan Laser, and Rocket Launcher which need to be bought prior to the mission.

 Powered by MJOLNIR – 20
Use every ability at least once

This can only be obtained through the single player portion of the game. You need to use each ability at least once:

  • Regen Shield
  • Auto Sentry (Costs 500 XP per mission)
  • Overshield (Cost 300 XP per mission)
  • Seeker Drone (Cost 800 XP per mission)
  • Hologram
  • Sprint
  • Stun Blast
  • Active Camouflage
  • Hardlight Shield

All of these abilities will appear in game except for the Auto Sentry, Spartan Overshield, and Seeker Drone which need to be bought prior to the mission.

 Extra Credit – 30
Complete all campaign related Assault Ops

This is where you will be spending all of your time in single player. There are 90 challenges overall, 3 for each mission. They range in difficulty and any progress gets saved through each replay of the level. You can view your progress in the Assault Ops section of the main menu.

For a level by level list of each challenge.



Kill 3 Grunt Minors with Frag Grenades
Kill 20 Elite Minors
Kill 50 Grunt Minors with a Magnum

Destroy 2 Shade Turrets with Plasma Grenades
Kill 20 Grunt Minors with a Plasma Pistol
Kill 40 Elite Minors witht Plasma Repeaters

Destroy 3 Shade Turrets with a Plasma Pistol
Kill 30 Elite Minors with an Assault Rifle
Kill 40 Grunt Minors with a Shade Turret

Kill 5 Elite Minors with Plasma Grenades
Kill 30 Grunt Minors with a Plasma Repeater
Destroy 15 Wraits with a Wraith

Kill 15 Grunt Minors with a Machine Gun Turret
Destroy 4 Wraits with a Magnum
Kill 100 Covenant with the Shotgun


Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with a Machine Gun Turret
Kill 30 Grunt Majors with an Incendiary Grenade
Kill 40 Suicide Grunts with a Melee Attack

Kill 20 Elite Minors with a Shotgun
Kill 50 Suicide Grunts with SMGs
Kill 100 Covenant with Incendiary Grenades

Kill 20 Jackals with a Needler
Destroy 10 Shade Turrets with the Shotgun
Kill 50 Grunt Majors using Grenades

Kill 20 Grunt Majors with a Shotgun
Kill 10 Elite Minors with a Shade Turret
Kill 30 Elite Minors with a Wraith

Destroy 20 Wraiths with a Scorpion
Destroy 30 Ghosts with a Scorpion
Destroy 20 Wraits using a Ghost


Destroy 4 Shade Turrets with a Focus Rifle
Kill 50 Covenant using Rifles
Kill 40 Covenant with Plasma Grenades

Destroy 5 Ghosts using Frag Grenades
Kill 40 Drones with an Asault Rifle
Kill 80 Covenant with a Focus Rifle

Kill 20 Elite Minors with Pistols
Destroy 10 Wraits with a Machine Gun Turret
Kill 20 Elite Majors using a Magnum

Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Needler
Kill 20 Stealth Elites with a Focus Rifle
Kill 20 Stealth Elites with Melee Attacks

Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Focus Rifle
Kill 5 Brute Chieftains with a Shade Turret
Kill 50 Drones with Plasma Grenades


Kill 20 Grunt Minors
Kill 20 Jump-pack Brutes with a Brute Shot
Kill 40 Suicide Grunts with a Focus Rifle

Kill 10 Jackales with an Assault Rifle
Kill 20 Jump-pack Brutes with a Needler
Kill 5 Brute Chieftains with a Brute Shot

Destroy 10 Wraiths with a Grizzly Tank
Kill 20 Grunt Minors with a Ghost
Destroy 20 Wraiths with SMGs

Kill 10 Elite Majors with a Plasma Repeater
Kill 20 Jackals with SMGs
Kill 100 Suicide Grunts with a Plasma Pistol

Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with Incendiary Grenades
Kill 100 Covenant with a Machine Gun Turret
Kill 10 Brute Chieftains with a Magnum


Kill 10 Drones with a Wraith
Kill 20 Stealth Elites with SMGs
Destroy 10 Stealth Elites with a Shade Turret

Kill 20 Grunt Majors with a Focus Rifle
Kill 10 Elite Majors using Incendiary Grenades
Kill 100 Grunts with a Plasma Pistol

Kill 30 Jackals with a Plasma Pistol
Kill 50 Grunt Majors with Grenades
Kill 100 Covenant with a Needler

Destroy 5 Ghosts using a Plasma Pistol
Destroy 10 Shade Turrets with a Ghost
Kill 50 Covenant with a Ghost

Kill 10 Jackals
Kill 25 Elites with an Assault Rifle
Kill 20 Jackals with a Brute Shot


Destroy 5 turrets with a Magnum
Kill 20 Elites with Frag Grenades
Kill 60 Covenant with a Brute Shot

Destroy 10 Ghosts with a Grizzly Tank
Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with a Scorpion Tank
Kill 60 Covenant with a Ghost

Kill 10 Jackals with a Needler
Kill 30 Grunts with a Plasma Repeater
Kill 60 Elites with Frag Grenades

Kill 10 Elites with a Shade Turret
Kill 20 Elites Stealths with a melee attack
Kill 80 Drones with a Plasma Pistol

Kill 20 Elites with an SMG
Kill 20 Suicide Grunts with Plasma Grenades
Kill 40 Elites with a Focus Rifle

 Pension Plan – 20
Earn 25000 XP throughout your career

This achievement is accumulative. Completing missions and challenges give you XP, as well as completing Co-Op missions. Skulls add a multiplier to XP gains as well. This should be much easier than it was on the other platforms.

If you want to grind this out and get the XP faster for the achievement and to help buy Score Boosters you can Play Operation A Mission 1 with the Black Eye and Hollow skulls active. This will give you a 4.5 multiplier to XP earned. The first level will net you 900 XP per run which will take about a minute and a half with exactly 29 enemies to kill.

Co-Op Achievements

 Flooded – 60
Complete all co-op missions

Simply playthrough and complete each of the five Co-Op Missions.

 Dynamic Duo – 60
Earn all Gold stars in all co-op missions

Both players get scored individually for there play in the level but at the end it gets tallied together. There is three ratings gold being the highest very similar to single player. There is the “Score Booster” you can use but it only works for you and not your teammate. Using skulls increase the multiplier for XP and can speed up the process. This must be done for each of the five Co-Op missions.

 The Company Of Strangers – 20
Complete a co-op mission with at least 5 different players

The best way to do this is to play with randoms. Simply go into mission select and hit X to find a teammate. You will need to complete the mission with each individual. I definitely suggest picking the first two missions for this since they require the least amount of coordination between partners.

 The Enemy of my Friend – 100
Get score higher individual score than your partner on all co-op missions

This needs to be done for each of the five levels. You will need to ensure that you beat your teammates score before the level. You can see how each other is doing on the bottom of the screen. The score that matches your Spartans Color (either Red or Blue) is you.

 Immune – 100
Finish a co-op mission without becoming infected

You become infected when the big yellow Flood spore attaches to you. The best advice is when you see the yellow Flood spores, take it out asap. Some combat form Flood tend to pop a yellow Flood spore out of them too. It is easier if both players use the “Repel” armor ability. That way you can protect each other from the Flood when one the other ability is on cooldown. You can purchase a cooldown upgrade for ‘repel” which will allow you to use it more often.

 Extermination – 60
Kill 10,000 enemies in co-op

This may sound daunting but it isn’t too bad. You get swarmed with loads of Flood in Co-Op. There are way more enemies coming at you compared to singleplayer.

If you want to boost this you can play Mission 5 and go to the vents located at random sections of the map. You will know it’s a vent because unlimited enemies will constantly spawn out of them. You can earn numerous medals and points while you are at it as well.

 Overachiever – 100
Earn all co-op medals at least once

There are 14 related Co-Op medals you need to obtain in very similar fashion to that of single player.

The medals that count are listed below:

  • Killpower: Kill 20 enemies within 3 seconds of each other.
  • Killociraptor: Kill 30 enemies within 3 seconds of each other.
  • Killdiculous: Kill 40 enemies within 3 seconds of each other.
  • Killowhat?!: Kill 50 enemies within 3 seconds of each other.
  • Invincible: Kill 30 enemies in a row without being hit.
  • Inconceivable: Kill 40 enemies in a row without being hit.
  • Unfrigginbelievable: Kill 50 enemies in a row without being hit.
  • Repellent: Prevent infection until your partner gets infected.
  • Kill it with fire: Kill 50 enemies with fire without being hit.
  • Medic: Heal your partner with a Regeneration Field.
  • Brick Wall: Block 10 Explosion or Infection Forms with your Hardlight Shield before it depletes.
  • Long Distance: Teleport back to your partner over a distance of 75 meters.
  • Bug Off: Use the Overshield to prevent infection.
  • Perimeter: Use Repel as a safe zone for your partner.

The 2 that cause people the most issues are “Kill it With Fire” and “Brick Wall” Another is “Long Distance” because generally you and your teammate are always in close proximity to each other.

Kill it with fire: Kill 50 enemies with fire without being hit.

This medal actually has more restrictive requirements than it hints at. For this medal, you must kill fifty enemies with fire without killing enemies with any other weapons. This might appear difficult at first but it actually is remarkable easy. Load up the second level (Holding the Fort) and collect the Firebomb grenades around the starting area. Head north and position yourself above the button and toss a firebomb grenade at the north gate as you see the enemies spawn; have your partner sit below and watch for golden infection forms and prevent them from reaching you. Roughly four waves of infection forms will spawn, continue tossing firebombs as necessary until the medal appears. This will also help with the Unfriggenbelievable medal at the same time.

Brick Wall: Block 10 Explosion or Infection Forms with your Hardlight Shield before it depletes.

This one is slightly misleading in that it does not tell you that taking damage actually resets your counter. Start up ‘Power Net’ and go pick up the Hardlight shield in the shielded area to the north-east (you’ll need your partner to open up the door by pressing the switches on the floor). Head to the north-east corner of the level (the very top-right) and move west until you run into a Flood spawning hive. Sitting in the top left corner, right against the hive, use your Hardlight shield and point downward to block bullets and infection forms. While you are doing that, have your teammate kill enemies by the corner of the map (focusing on infection forms that are not going for you). With proper timing and a bit of luck, six or so infection forms will continue spawning and will detonate immediately as you are sitting next to their hive. They will then respawn again, giving you enough to earn the brick wall medal.

Long Distance: Teleport back to your partner over a distance of 75 meters.

There are 2 ways to do this both of which will require some communication with your partner.

You can choose Mission 5 have the loadout with the teleporter. At the very beginning one player run all the way to the right and the other to the left. When both players are at the edges of the map teleport over.