• Estimated difficulty: 2/10.
  • Trophy breakdown (offline-online-total): 43-0-43.
  • Estimated time to platinum: 4 – 6 hours.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1.
  • Glitched trophies: None.
  • Missible trophies: Kite Badge. (See trophy for more details.)
Road Map

This game is intended for a younger audience and should pose no difficulty to obtain the platinum. The only thing you have to concern yourself with is actually collecting all the collectibles. However, with the collectible guide provided by our good friend Aksh0le over at our sister site, this is a walk in the park. (See “Elle Badge” for a link to the collectible guide.) This is not a very deep game, so I recommend just using the collectible guide from the very start, unless you’re playing co-operatively with a younger person. In this case, just let them have fun, since even they should find it fairly straight forward. Either way, you don’t have to worry, since you can go back and get all the collectibles you need afterwards through level select. Enjoy the easy platinum.

Level Completion Trophies

Adventure is Out There
Defeat the first wave of combat planes.

This trophy will unlock after you clear level 1.

To Paradise Falls
Complete the level to start Carl’s journey to Paradise Falls.

This trophy will unlock after you clear level 2.

A Bird Named Kevin
Find Kevin before Muntz does.

This trophy will unlock when you clear level 3.

Slide and Slither
Defeat the giant Anaconda.

This trophy will unlock after you clear level 4.

A Voice In The Mist
Find the voice in the mist.

This trophy will unlock after you clear level 5.

Meet the Pack
Meet the pack: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

This trophy will unlock after you clear level 6.

Night in the Jungle
Avoid being captured by Muntz’s dogs.

This trophy will unlock after you clear level 7.

Sinkhole Terror
Defeat the giant Crocodile.

This trophy will unlock after you clear level 8.

Paradise Falls
Help Carl get his house to the top of Paradise Falls.

This will unlock after you clear level 9.

Spirit of Adventure
Free Russell and Kevin, then escape the Dirigible.

This trophy will unlock after you clear level 10.

Adventure is Here
Defeat Muntz’s canine squadron in the skies above Paradise Falls.

This trophy is unlock after you clear level 11.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Wings Badge
Defeat the first plane in the battle over Paradise Falls.

This will unlock after you shoot down your first plane in level 1.

Survivor Badge
Complete any Story Mode level without failing or quitting.

Since plane control in this game is fairly poor, I recommend doing this on level 2. It is possible to fall to your death or loose all your health, but with patience this should be a cake-walk.

Buddy System Badge
Free your buddy from five Snare Traps.

Snare traps can be found in level 3. These are “natural” booby traps that ensnare you and dangle you from the ground. Just get caught in these 5 times and have your partner free you. If you’re playing solo, switch to the other character. If you’re playing co-op, have your friend free you.

Sharp Tools Badge
Use Russell’s key to cut through three items in the game.

This trophy that can’t be missed. You must use Russell’s key to advance at various stages in the game. You will most likely get this trophy in level 3.

First Aid Badge
Use Russell’s Canteen three times.

Russell’s canteen replenishes health. You will rarely need to use it apart from aquiring this trophy. There are pick-ups that fill up the canteen (which actually looks like a water bottle). Just use it three times for the trophy to pop. The uses can be spread out throughout the game.

Bug Hunting Badge
Catch or squash 100 Dio Bugs or Butterflies.

Dio bugs are the things that crawl around on the floor that look like lady bugs, except that they can be a range of different colors. If you play as Russell, you catch the bugs/butterflies. You squash as Carl. I think it’s actually harder to catch these things. So, I prefer using Carl.

Bird Watching Badge
Locate Kevin for the first time.

This trophy will pop in level 3. Meeting Kevin is required. So, you cannot miss this trophy.

Teamwork Badge
Defeat either the giant Anaconda or Crocodile with 2 players.

I did this on the crocadile by myself. It would have been a lot easier (and much more fun) with a friend. If you don’t have a 2nd controller, you can reassign the first, enter the game as the second player, then reassign the controller back.

Music Badge
Use Russell’s Bugle three times.

This is a power up for Russell that has him “stun” enemies with the noise of his bugle. Just use the power three times. You can spread the use throughout the game if you like.

Knot Tying Badge
Tie off the house so it doesn’t float away.

This is part of the story progression and cannot be missed. This trophy will unlock in level 5.

Pest Control Badge
Squish 10 Wasps and Spiders.

Unlike bugs and butterflies, wasps and spiders are enemies and can hurt you. Just squish them as you encounter them. Note: with wasps, you have to “soften” them up with Carl’s hearing-aid power or Russell’s bugle power before you can squish them.

Fishing Badge
Survive against the hungry Piranhas.

In level 6, you will come to (several) pools that have piranhas in them. Just swim past them to safe land without getting hit and the trophy will pop.

Merit Badge Champion
Collect 6000 Merit Badges in the game to become the Merit Badge Champion.
Merit badges are scattered throughout the game. You also get them from breaking stuff and squashing/collecting bugs or butterflies. You will want to collect every one you see not only for this trophy but becasue these are required to unlock the various Quest Cards.

Kite Badge
Use Carl’s House to float across all the chasms in the game.

This is the one missable trophy in the game. If you do not go for all the collectibles, then you may miss a chasm. However, you should be going for the Ellie Badge, which requires that you get all the collectibles. This will unlock in level 7, provided you’ve floated across all the chasms.

Defense Badge
Successfully defend against 10 dog ambushes.

This may not unlock if you’re defending with Russell. So, I’d use Carl just to be safe. Just fight off 10 dogs and the trophy will pop. As usual, you do not need to do this in one sitting. You should have this by level 7.

Karate Badge
Break open 10 watermelons.

Watermelons are only found in level 7. They are fairly easy to spot. If you’re having difficulty finding them, use the link to the collectible guide found under the Ellie Badge trophy.

Swimming Badge
Swim through all of the areas that have water.

Another trophy that can’t be missed, since you are forced to go through all the “water areas”. This will unlock in level 8.

Environment Badge
Break apart at least 500 objects.

Just attack every breakable object you see. I got my trophy in level 8.

Shoveling Badge
Dig up all of the hidden bones using Dug.

Occasionally in this game, a dog named Dug will be with you and you have the option to control him. When he’s around, there will be “dig” spots. These look like patches on the ground. Search these dig spots for Dug’s bones. The trophy should pop after last dig spot in level 9. Refer to the collectible guide if you’re having trouble finding these. The link is provided under the Ellie Badge trophy.

Hiking Badge
Find the picture-perfect view of Paradise Falls.

In level 9, you will come to a “bat cave” portion where you have to run to various sunlit spots in order avoid attacking bats. Upon exiting, go towards the waterfall (to the left) and stand at the edge of the cliff.

Rare Statue Badge
Find and collect the Gold Jaguar.

After you free Russell in level 10, you will come to a point where you have to move a museum case. If you go to the left, you will advace the game. If you go right you will find the statue. Obviously, you want to go right for this one.

Recycling Badge
Play through any previously completed level in Story Mode.

Just play throught the any level again after you’ve beaten the game. I recommend level 1, since it’s the shortest.

Entomology Badge
Collect all varieties of each Butterfly and Dio Bug in the game.

See Ellie Badge.

Multiplayer Extras
Unlock the extra Multiplayer Combat Maps.

See Ellie Badge.

Memento Specialist
Collect all of Carl’s Mementos.

See Ellie Badge.

Artifact Curator
Find and collect all of the Artifacts.

See Ellie Badge.

Animation Badge
Unlock the Bonus Art.

See Ellie Badge.

Ellie Badge
Complete all of the Quest Cards for a special badge.

You unlock Quest Cards as you collect merit badges. Each Quest Card has requirements to unlock game features (e.g. bonus art, multiplayer maps). Some of the requirements are to get collectibles. Others are to kill a certain bug type a certain number of times. To see the quest cards, just pause and select them. Also in the pause screen you will see what types of bugs are available on the level that you are currently playing and what collectibles you are missing.

Level 1

Flying Level – no collectibles during this section.

Level 2

1. Memento – After Carl’s leaps on the teeter totter rock to get Russell over a jump, Russell pulls Carl up. the Memento is in the bottom right corner of this area.

2. Bronze Artifact – Seconds after #1 Russell shimmy’s across a ledge the Artifact is in plain view.

3. Silver Artifact – After the first COOP jump there will be a spilt in the road follow the left path and jump up the rock path(to the right of the vine ledge)and the Silver Artifact will be on a ledge.

4. Gold Artifact – After you knocked down the boulder from the left path, follow the right path, Carl knocks a small rock down. The Gold Artifact is on the lower drop off in plain view.

Level 3

1. Bronze Artifact – After pushing a log there will be a bridge that Carl knocks down at the end of this bridge is the Bronze Artifact.

2. Silver Artifact – There will be some Snare Traps then you will see 2 Porcupines in a cave behind them is the Silver Artifact.

3. Gold Artifact – There will be an area where you see the house on a cliff, follow forward and there will be 2 mushroom jumps, hold A on the mushrooms to reach the Gold Artifact.

4. Memento – Once you have freed the house a new path will open to the LEFT(do not go towards the movable rock) follow the left path and it will lead you to the Memento.

Kite Badge Location – Keep following the Path from the memento for the First Kite Badge Location. (this is the only missable one in the game) To clear confusion, a Kite Location is when you use the house to glide Carl and Russell across a gap.

Level 4

Boss Fight – no collectibles during this section.

Level 5

1. Bronze Artifact – In the beginning of the level, after pulling Carl up with Russell keep following until you see a rock on the left that is a different shade than the rest of the mountain side, Have Carl push the rock behind here is the Bronze Artifact.

2. Memento – After tying the house down and Russell knocks a bridge down for Carl, There will be another rock with a different shade on the left have Carl Move this rock to lead to the Memento.

3. Gold Artifact – After a COOP jump there will be a section with lot of flowers on the ground, some wasps and yellow butterflies, Follow this area to the edge of the cliff, there will be a ledge leading to some small jumps downward and a cave leading to the Gold Artifact. On the way out of the cave you should receive the Excavation Badge(Secret Achievement)

4. Silver Artifact – There will be an area with 3 Rocks you need to push to continue the artifact is in plain view, move all 3 into their location and it will make a platform to get up to the Silver Artifact.

Level 6

Note: Not a collectible, but be sure to smash the fire pit that’s next to you as the level starts to get the “Global Citizen Badge”

1. Bronze Artifact – After the dog hits the button to make the bridge, cross it and you will see a rock with a different shade as usual have Carl move the rock and collect the Bronze Artifact.

Bone Location: #1 In the same area dig up one of the Dig spots and you should get a bone, note that as soon as the dog finds a bone it will not dig any other spots.

2. Memento – After crossing the first swim pond and the pirhannas there will be another pond with red butterflies in the back you will see a waterfall, in the waterfall is the Memento.

3. Silver Artifact – After the Dog Ambush, Russell will pull Carl up a ledge, midway there will be a smashable object containing the Silver Artifact.

Bone Location #2 – After pulling Carl up after another geyser the dog will join you again, there is a dig spot before the bridge, then after the bridge keep digging until you get the bone.

4. Gold Artifact – a little further in the level there will be another swimming section where the dog helps Carl with small waterfall drop offs, at the end there is the Gold Artifact behind an electric eel on the right side.

Level 7

Watermelon #1 – right next to you as the level starts.

Watermelon #2 – after the Dog Ambush on the left.

Watermelon #3 on the left after the Kite Spot.

Watermelon #4 on the right shortly after(can be hit during the Dog Ambush).

1. Silver Artifact – After the Dog Ambush it will be at the top end behind some breakable rocks.

Bone Location #3 – Also after the Dog Ambush when you get the dog back, dig until you dig up the bone.

Watermelon #5 – Russell needs to cut a vine for Carl to make a coop jump. right after the jump go towards the screen and there will be a small area with the last watermelon

2. Gold Artifact – in the same area as Watermelon #5, just jump off the mushrooms holding A to reach the Gold Artifact.

Watermelon #6 – after climbing up to the push rock you will see the watermelon in your path on the right.

Watermelon #7 – after you drop down from pushing the rock you will see it in your path.

3. Bronze Artifact – to the left of watermelon #7 in the Red Butterflies.

Bone Location #4 – Once the dog returns again to help Carl swim, you will be on a path follow it left and dig until you find the bone.

Watermelon #8 – on the right in this same path.

4. Memento – in the same area as the Dog Spot there are some rocks to smash that will reveal a small opening the dog can go through, at the other end is the Memento.

Bone Location #5 – in the same area as the Memento keep digging until you find the bone.

Watermelon #9 – on the 1st ledge after the water.

Watermelon #10 – to the right after the Dogs on the Bridge sequence.

Level 8

Boss Fight – no collectibles during this section.

Level 9

1. Bronze Artifact – as the level starts keep following the cliff until you see the Bronze Artifact spinning in the grass

2. Silver Artifact – after the swinging vine jump follow the cliff around and behind the rock with a “Carl vine Jump” is the Silver Artifact.

Bone Location #6 & 7 – inside the cave as soon as the dog returns, dig up the right side until you find the bone, then move over to the left side and dig up another.

Bone Location #8 – in the 2nd cave after a series of platform jumps, the dog will join you again, kill all the spiders first, then dig for the bone.

3. Memento – in the section of the cave with the bats everywhere keep following the path all the way to the left until you see the Memento.

Note: Once outside this cave be sure to go to the cliff side on the left for the “Hiking Badge” Achievement.

4. Gold Artifact – after getting the Hiking Badge, go all the way right and drop down you will see the Gold Artifact in a small alcove next to a blue mushroom.

Level 10

1. Bronze Artifact – in the first room after the dog moves the boxes for Carl, DO NOT GO UP THE RED FLASHING ELEVATOR, go towards the screen and smash some boxes to reveal the Bronze Artifact first. (now you can go up the elevator)

2. Silver Artifact – after the 2nd lift the dog activates, on the left you will see what looks like plane propellers, do not go left, instead go right and follow it up and round the Silver Artifact will be in your way.

3. Gold Artifact – in the room where you find Russell in a cage on the far right in a smashable crate is the Gold Artifact.

Collectible #1 – in the same room where Russell is in the cage, on the left side in what looks like a picture frame, smash it and grab the collectible.

4. Memento – after Russell and Carl open the door there will be a collectible in front of a big display case they both have to move, its hard to miss.

Collectible #2 & 3 – Push the case but DO NOT GO LEFT, instead go right and smash the plate on the door to get the collectible and reveal a secret room with yet another collectible, you will also receive the “Rare Statue Badge” Secret Achievement.

Collectible #4 – after the dog ambush in the room with Kevin in a cage. the last collectible will be in another smashable picture frame.

Level 11

The last collectible is part of the story, if you’ve kept an eye on filling quest cards(collecting bugs)

Secret Trophies

Beginner’s Wings
Access the Multiplayer game menu.

Just go to the multiplayer menu. Possibly the easiest trophy to get in this game. I can’t recall if you can access this menu right away. But certainly after clearing level 3 this option becomes available from the title screen.

Excavation Badge
Find the hidden cave in “A Voice in the Mist.”

This cave is located in level 5 and the location is after the part where you have to tie the house down. You will do a Carl-Russell “co-op” jump (you do not need two players) and encounter some enemy flowers. The path to the cave is down and to the right.

Global Citizen Badge
Make sure to put out your campfire.

Right at the outset of level 6 you are standing just below your campfire. Attack it to put it out.

Platinum Trophy
Unlock every Trophy in the game.

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