• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 8 (4, 4)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2-3 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 6
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No


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System Rift is the 1st of 2 DLCs that are part of Deus Ex Mankind Divided’s season pass. It is set in a new part of Prague and the entire DLC is played in and around the Palisade Blade, the large L-shaped building mentioned briefly and in several places in the main Mankind Divided game. The DLC centres around your old friend Frank Pritchard needing your help to get into the Palisade Blade, and also features an old friend of yours from the main game, Shadowchild.





Step 1: Get the early parts right to set up a single playthrough trophy sweep.

This DLC can be done in 2-3 hours so there’s nothing really fancy going on. Most importantly is at the start of the DLC to make sure you don’t skip any dialogue, and to make sure you have the augmentation Implanted Rebreather which will be handy for the Murder He Wrote trophy. Otherwise the other augmentations that I would recommend are Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis, and the 2 Arm Prostesis augs to carry heavy objects and break weak walls, and if you have the DLC, the Micro-Assembler. Having the Micro-Assembler will allow you to forge multi-tools, allowing you to hack without investing points into hacking. Otherwise you might want to put in a few points into hacking, and even if not, to make life a lot easier, have Turret and Drone hacking augmentations.

You also want to play stealthily and kill no one. This time, tripping alarms won’t be an issue as that doesn’t affect any trophy. Once you complete the DLC and the end-game cutscene plays, you should have gotten at least the following trophies:

  • Exposed the Truth!
  • Extract The Data…

Step 2: Clean up any trophies you missed (if necessary).

If you happen to miss out on any of the optional trophies, either reload or start a new game, or pay attention to the info in the trophy guide. Otherwise you should have gotten all 8 trophies in a single playthrough. If not, you’ll definitely get them in your clean-up run:

  • Go Figure
  • Help Desk
  • Clean Sweep
  • Knock Knock
  • Murder He Wrote
  • Too Hot to Handle


Too Hot to Handle
Complete the server chamber area without being detected by any HeatEye cameras or enemies.


The server area is the final area of the DLC and features many HeatEye cameras, which are security cameras that can detect you via your heat signature, even if you’re behind cover. The game also adds cover that produces heat so you can hide behind such cover still. This area is where the game’s HeatEye tutorial appears.

To get this trophy easily, follow these steps:

  • Open the door and go to the right heat cover. Wait for the nearest camera to look away then run forward.
  • Take a left in the middle of the room and hide behind the next heat cover. Wait for the camera in front of you to look away, then run forward to the pass-port control.
  • Hit the pass-port, open the door and exit.
  • Ready 2 Multi-tools (you should have enough spare by this point), or if you have high enough hacking skills then go for it.
  • Hack the 2 security terminals with the Multi-tools. It’s highly recommended that you have Drone and Turret hacking augs (as mentioned in the roadmap), then turn off everything. Now you can freely roam most of the area, save for a few laser tripwires.
  • If you’re aiming for the Saridakis collectibles, now’s the time, otherwise just follow the mission markers and do the necessary.

If done correctly and you weren’t spotted (you won’t if you disabled all the cameras, drones and turrets), the trophy will pop once you get to the NSN chair behind the CTO’s office.

Clean Sweep
Complete the System Rift Jensen Story without killing anyone.


Like the Pacifist trophy in Mankind Divided, you must complete the game without killing anyone. The game starts you off with a stun gun so that’s your go-to weapon. As the DLC doesn’t feature a lot of guards, you’ll hardly use it anyway, relying more on stealth or melee. If done correctly the trophy will pop when the end-game cutscene rolls.

Extract The Data…
Get the data that Pritchard is after from within the Palisade Blade.


This trophy is obtained once you follow the DLC’s story near to the end, where you enter a Breach mode segment. The trophy will pop once you’ve obtained what Pritchard has asked you to find in the Palisade Blade.

Exposed the Truth!
Decide what to do with the evidence you uncovered.


This trophy is obtained once you follow the DLC’s story near to the end, after you’ve obtained what Pritchard has asked you to find in the Palisade Blade. During the end-game cutscene you’ll be asked to make a choice. Either choice made will get you this trophy.

Murder He Wrote
Find all pieces of evidence behind the Saridakis murder.


In order to get this trophy, you must make sure once you’ve spoken to Shadowchild, that you exit the apartment block exactly the same way you came in. Once you hit the apartment block’s main lobby you’ll encounter an NPC that automatically engages you in a dialogue, and opens up a side quest to find 4 pieces of evidence. Once the side quest is active proceed to find all 4 pieces within the Palisade Blade. The 4 pieces are (in likely order):

  • In the laptop in the 3rd floor office where you placed Shadowchild’s figurine.
  • In the Executive Suite on the top floor, in an email in the laptop.
  • In Chamber 209, a pocket secretary in a gap on the floor against the far wall. As the chamber is filled with poisonous gas, it’s easier to locate this with the Implanted Rebreather aug.
  • In the CTO’s office, the voice log/pocket secretary used to proceed with the story.

Once you read the last log the trophy will pop.

Help Desk
Get the Blade lobby desk clerk to help you bypass security.


To get this trophy, you must not skip the dialogue you have with Shadowchild, then when prompted, choose Ripper which will get Shadowchild to share the code word BABAYAGA50. Once you have it, go to the Palisade Blade lobby and speak to the desk clerk and choose the correct dialogue option for the trophy. The dialogue option will not be available if you didn’t get the code word from Shadowchild earlier.

Go Figure
Plant ShadowChild’s figurine.


Shadowchild will offer you a side mission, accept it then follow the quest marker to the room on the 3rd floor to plant the figurine, or if you are playing a higher difficulty, then it’s the bottom left most room on the 3rd floor. Once the figurine is planted the trophy will pop. If you’re gunning for the Murder He Wrote trophy make sure to hack the laptop in the same room and read the emails.

Knock Knock
Get Slaw to open the security door within the Palisade Blade.


The same guy who gave you the pass-port card in the pub will return to the Palisade Blade once you’re in it. To meet him, go to the 2nd floor east maintenance corridor, he will be standing there. Complete his dialogue to get his trophy.