• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline trophies: 0
  • Online trophies: 5 (5)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 7-13+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Potentially dozens of challenge completions to farm credits.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes


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Eidos Montreal has released a free update that includes 5 new trophies for everyone’s favourite game mode from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Breach Mode returns with Tier 4, a brand new network which includes 9 new servers for you to complete and also several new servers throughout previous tiers.





Step 1 – Complete 5 Servers in Tier 4

There are 9 new servers available in Tier 4. As previously mentioned, Tier 4 is considerably more difficult than Tier 3. Thankfully you only need to complete 5 of them.

By the end of this step you will unlock:

Data Emperor

Step 2 – Complete 10 Santeau Servers, Santeau Darknet File, and 3 Data Sphere Servers

As part of this step you will need to complete a new Darknet file which unfortunately cannot be completed until you have completed all other Darknet files from the main game. You will also need to complete 3 of the new data transfer servers which involve carrying a sphere to a destination point.

The majority of the 10 Santeau Servers will naturally be completed as part of this step and the rest can be found within previous Tiers detailed in the trophy description.

By the end of the step you will unlock:

Ashes to Ashes
The 40-Yard Digital Dash

Step 3 – Grind for credits to obtain 6 Expansion items, then complete any Server

In this final step you will either be grinding challenges for a short or long time, depending on luck, and basically involves buying booster packs until you are lucky enough to get 6 of the new, rare expansion items.

By the end of this step you will unlock:

Excess Baggage Fees


Breach: Complete 10 Santeau servers.

For this trophy you must complete 10 of the new Santeau Servers. You will complete at least 5 of them during Ashes to Ashes and Data Emperor. There are 8 new servers added from Networks 1B all the way up to Tier 4 with the rest in the Darknet File. You need to complete at least 5 of the following servers:

1B – Server 12
2A – Servers 21, 22, 23
3A – Servers 15, 16, 17
4A – Server 08

The remaining servers will be completed as part of the Santeau Darknet File, there are 5 in total.

Ashes to Ashes
Breach: Complete the Santeau Darknet File.

As part of the Tier 4 update a new Darknet File has been added. If you haven’t completed all previous Darknet Files from the main game, you will have to complete these before you can attempt this one, it will automatically unlock once you have done so.

This Darknet files works in the exact same way as the others, however one important note is that once you are conversing with the client near the end of the file, he will ask you to steal money from a bank, ensure you ACCEPT his proposal and keep the money afterwards, you will end up with a whopping 500,000 credits which will help greatly with Excess Baggage Fees.

Excess Baggage Fees
Breach: Complete a server using 6 Expansion Items at once.

This is by far the most time consuming and luck based trophy from the update. They can be found within booster packs and act as HP/Energy boosting items as long as they remain in your inventory, they are quite large so you may need to upgrade your storage size to hold 6 of them at once.

If you do not get 6 Expansion Items using the credits from the other trophies and the Darknet File as part of Ashes to Ashes then you will need to grind. By far the best method is using challenges to obtain victory packs, you can only do this once per day unless you have firewall keys to replenish your challenges.

I created 5 alt accounts and played Breach Mode up until the point where Shadowchild notifies you that challenges can now be attempted and sent to other players on your friend list around 1/3 through Network 1A Server 4 (skip 3). It took me around 15-20 minutes to get each account up to this point. When you do simply complete 3 servers and at the completion screen press to send a challenge to your main account, personally I used the time completed as the challenge every time and used Network 00 Server 01, Network 1A Servers 01 and 02 as they are very short and easy to complete.

Once you have done this on however many alt accounts as you desire, you will obtain a Victory Pack for each one you successfully complete on your main account, you do not seem to get Expansions from these packs but you will always get a large number of credits in the range of 13-20k and high grade nuke viruses which can sell for 3-12k each.

You can also send challenges from your main to any alt and have that account purposely fail the challenge for a victory pack, the quickest way is to press then exit server 3 times. Firewall keys can be used to send another 3 challenges and you can also attempt the daily challenges from Shadowchild as well, otherwise you will need to wait until the next day to try again.

In total I can grind around 400-450k credits in an hour by sending challenges from all 5 alt accounts and opening all obtained Victory Packs, selling Nuke Viruses Cheats/Patches and whatever else you have spare. I strongly recommend using your credits to buy Enhancer Packs (15k) until you get the 6 expansions you need, I got 2 from 16 packs. I had no luck from Elite Packs and they are over 3x more expensive.

Keep doing this daily until you get 6 expansions, you are at the complete mercy of RNG here.

Data Emperor
Breach: Complete 5 Tier 4 Network servers.

There are a total of 9 new servers in Tier 4. As previously mentioned they are considerably more difficult than any previous tier.

To make getting this trophy easier I recommend completing Servers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 as 4 is by far the most difficult server in the game and can be very frustrating to complete.

Having a fully upgraded cloak energy efficiency and energy capacity, some remote hack and jump upgrades will be very useful for this tier.

The 40-Yard Digital Dash
Breach: Succeed 3 Data Sphere deliveries.

A new type of Server was added in the update, these are the Data Sphere Transports. The aim of these servers is to find the data sphere and bring it back to the exit. Once you are holding the sphere you cannot fire a weapon unless you put it down, if you do it must be picked back up within a few seconds or it will return to it’s original position.

There are 4 of these types of servers in total and you only need to complete 3 of them, they are located in the following network tiers:

1A – Server 09
1B – Server 13
2A – Server 23
4A – 04

I would stay clear of 4A – 04 as it is quite difficult and not necessary as there are 3 considerably easier servers to complete.