• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 3)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 5-6 Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
  • Number of missable trophies: 9
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, so play on easy.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No


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A Criminal Past is the second DLC from Deus Ex Mankind Divided’s season pass. It is set in a special Augs-only prison, back when Jensen first joined TF29. The entire DLC is played in and around this prison, with you as Jensen going undercover as an inmate.





Step 1: Do a no-augs run with no kills, and get Mejia’s confession.

This DLC has many enemies, defenses and traps, making a playthrough with no augs quite challenging, but doable. Bear in mind since there’s no no-alarm trophy, you are safe to trigger alarms if you wish. The only trophy that requires you not to trigger any alarm is Smooth Like Soap, but for this roadmap, that trophy is saved for the 2nd speed-run playthrough.

As this playthrough is also a no-kills run, the only weapons you need are the stun gun and the tranquiliser rifle. You can safely use lethal weapons on robots, turrets and cameras as they won’t void Code of Conduct. Take care not to let unconscious enemies get killed (which is possible if they fall a certain height) or get hit by projectiles or explosives while down.

Also, make sure you pick up the 2 Pocket Secretaries needed to get Mejia’s confession.

Near the end, just after you reach the Landing Pad, make sure you side Mejia. Once you stun Mejia, speak to the Fixer and board the plane, you’ll get to enjoy the end-game cutscene and the following trophies:

  • A Criminal Past
  • Code of Conduct
  • Winners Don’t Use Drugs (or Biocells)
  • Don’t Reach, Kid
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Objection!
  • Dressed for the Occasion
  • A Just Cause
  • Umlauts or no Umlauts

Step 2: Speed-run Smooth Like Soap

For this final step, your single purpose is to get Smooth Like Soap. If you missed some trophies earlier, now’s your chance to do them. Once you reach Cell Block B’s Laundry Room and find Mejia, you should get Smooth Like Soap and the 100%:

  • Smooth Like Soap

Technically speaking it’s entirely possible to get every trophy in a single run, if you can manage a full stealth run up until you reach Mejia for Smooth Like Soap. I’ll leave it up to readers to decide if they want to do that. I just found it a lot quicker to leave Smooth Like Soap to a 2nd playthrough.


A Criminal Past
Complete A Criminal Past

Story trophy, unmissable. You’ll get this once you finish the DLC. It pops during the end-game cutscene.

Code of Conduct
Complete A Criminal Past without killing anyone.


Once again, a no-kill trophy. This time round, there’s no corresponding trophy for no-alarms so you can breathe a sigh of relief. To avoid killing anyone simply use non-lethal takedowns, the stun gun or the tranquiliser rifle. If you’re playing a no-augs playthrough (see Winners Don’t Use Drugs (or Biocells)), you won’t be able to do takedowns, so you will have to rely on the stun gun or tranquiliser rifle.

Take care not to accidentally cause the death of any humans, which will count against the trophy. Destroying robots, drones, cameras and turrets will not void this trophy, and neither will setting off alarms. If the AI kills another AI that won’t affect this trophy. If the AI kills another AI that you previously rendered unconscious, it will void the trophy.

If you did it correctly the trophy will pop during the end-game cutscene.

Don’t Reach, Kid
Find the basketball and put it in the hoop.


The basketball is found in the Laundry room in Cell Block A. Once you have the ball, simply bring it back to the Yard and toss the ball into the hoop.

The code to the locked door is 6014, which you can find off the teddy bear in the Shower Room in Cell Block A.

Smooth Like Soap
Find Mejia in Cell Block B without raising an alarm.


Extremely challenging if you are in your no-augs playthrough. I recommend doing a 2nd playthrough speedrun with augs for this trophy.

For this trophy, if the detection arcs are still a yellow bar, you’re fine. The trophy seems a bit finicky in that it seems to count guards or defenses which have gone Suspicious (ie full yellow detection bar). If you’re attempting this in a no-augs single playthrough run, I recommend you reload if that happens. Once you reach Mejia and the cutscene starts, the trophy will pop.

For a route to get the trophy with augs check below for a walkthrough.

You will first need to get multi-tools off inmates. To start, grab the Old Man’s Prestige in cell A-305, under the bed. Then follow the story until you get the waypoint marker to find Mejia in Cell Block B. Now enter the Supply Room in Cell Block A (passcode 6014), grab the loot and get into the access port, and go upwards until you reach the ceiling of the Cell Block. Get to the other side of the ceiling into another access port which will take you directly into the Cell Block’s security station. Loot everything especially the security pass.

Now head to the Shower Room in Cell Block A, and take out the lone guard inside, grabbing his shotgun. Then jump onto the top of the showers (you need to hop onto a sink first) and up to a shaft opening in the ceiling. You will reach a tunnel with a spinning turbine, use the shotgun and shoot the fan blades to destroy the turbine. Then go into the next access port which brings you to the stash room where the red Cell Block B uniform is. However instead of wearing the uniform, grab everything first including the Neuroprozyne in the locker, then head back to Cell Block A. Now trade the “nupoz” with the inmate in cell A-214, and the Prestige with the inmate standing at the door to the Yard.

With 2 multi-tools, head back to the stash room and switch uniforms. Head out the room and sneak to the right side’s electric fence, which has a gate which can be opened with the security pass. Head to the door under the single security camera and use a multi-tool to hack it open. Once inside take out the lone guard, then use the 2nd multi-tool to hack the Security laptop in the adjoining room (make sure to use the EG Panels first) and disable all the cameras. Now head downstairs, and zap both guards with the stun gun (you should have enough ammo if you looted everything thus far), then stroll into the Laundry room for the trophy.

Quid Pro Quo
Help out a fellow inmate by making a trade.


You need to trade something with an inmate for a multi-tool. The quickest way is to get the Old Man’s Prestige from under the bed in cell A-305, then give it to the inmate standing next to the exit to the Yard. Once you have the bottle, speaking to this inmate will trigger a cutscene. The exchange will be made and the trophy will pop.

Winners Don’t Use Drugs (or Biocells)
Complete A Criminal Past without using the Fixer Pill or the Altered Biocell.


This is a no-augs playthrough. As long as you reject the Pill offered by the Fixer, and don’t consume the Altered Biocell you find for Flossy, you’ll be fine. The trophy will pop during the end-game cutscene. You can still consume regular items (hypostims, biocells, painkillers, etc).

Without augs, this DLC can prove challenging, but remember, it’s extra hard with Code of Conduct. Without it then it is easier. Even if you’re gunning for Code of Conduct, you can still afford to set off alarms, just make sure you’re doing non-lethal attacks.

There are several areas which may appear daunting with many enemies and defense systems, but the game is littered with ducts and side passages that can help bypass many well-defended areas.

Here are some tips on particularly daunting areas:

1) It maybe challenging trying to get to Cell Block B without being seen. The best route I’ve found is to get the security pass from the security counter in Cell Block A then go through the access ducts from the Shower area. The full route is described in Smooth Like Soap.

2) Getting to Mejia in Solitary can be frustrating as there are 2 drones and 4 guards patrolling the upper area, and several more guards in the lower area. The safer ways are to reach access ducts on the left-middle and the middle-back of the upper area. Bear in mind since there’s no alarm-related trophy by this point, you should not have to worry too much about engaging them in combat to reach either of these ducts.

3) When you need to get to the Admin building to reach the Warden’s office, you need to get past a huge open area. You can quickly hop off to the right and sneak following the right wall to the end, where there’s a locked double-door. You can either blast it open or hack it. It’s also a lot easier if you just take the lift down to the Infirmary which has a basement corridor that connects to the Admin building.

Get Mejia to confess to murdering Wilburg.


This trophy is obtained quite late into the DLC, when you find Mejia after he gets sent to Solitary. The way to get Mejia to confess is via dialogue and it requires you to find 2 Pocket Secretaries (PS) first (thanks to Iceyice & Ace of Toads for confirming this). Once you have both PS and find Mejia, he will automatically confess once you confront him about Wilburg. See below for the locations of the 2 PS.

PS #1: Found in a drawer behind an inmate who is leaning against it. The drawer is inside the security office, a large white-walled room in a large hall. The entire floor is called Processing, the story waypoint marker will lead you there. You reach this area after the riot happens and you leave Cell Block B, and is also the place you got implanted with the chip to inhibit your augs at the beginning.

PS #2: The same building, but at the top floor. Once you arrive at the office room at the top floor, you see several laptops. Under one desk is a safe, which holds the 2nd PS.

Dressed for the Occasion
Blend in with the proper prisoner jumpsuit.


To get this trophy, you need to find the red prisoner uniform for Cell Block B. The uniform is found in a stash room between Cell Block A and B. If you spoke to Flossy about the Altered Biocell, he’ll place a marker showing the location, but this marker is not necessary for the trophy. A safe route to get there is described in the Smooth Like Soap trophy guide section.

A Just Cause
Decide what to do with the Altered Biocell.


The Altered Biocell is found in Cell Block A’s Laundry Room (same place you find the basketball). To get this trophy you have 2 options once you get the Altered Biocell. If you don’t wish to void Winners Don’t Use Drugs (or Biocells) you must not consume the Altered Biocell. Otherwise just consume it for 2 praxis points and the trophy. If you don’t want to void Winners Don’t Use Drugs (or Biocells), check the spoilers for the full run-down.

Return to Flossy with the Altered Biocell which then moves the mission forward. He now wants you to pass the Altered Biocell to Red Shoes, an inmate in Cell Block B. Once you get into Cell Block B (see Smooth Like Soap), get to the Yard and find the solitary confinement box. Speak to Red Shoes at the back of the box and give him the Altered Biocell, and the trophy will pop.

Umlauts or no Umlauts
Decide the Fixer’s fate.


This happens at the end of the DLC. The trophy description is quite misleading, implying that as long as a decision is made about the Fixer, you will get the trophy. However the only way to get the trophy is to pick one specific dialogue option at the final scene. See below for the full run-down.

Once dialogue starts with Mejia and the Fixer on the Landing Pad, side with Mejia. This puts you back in control and the Fixer will start to run. Stun (if you’re going for Code of Conduct) or kill Mejia, then speak to the Fixer for the trophy.