Estimated platinum difficulty: 3-6/ 10; cheats codes and skill determine difficulty
Offline trophies: 29; 7 Gold, 7 silver, 14 bronze, 1 platinum
Online trophies: None
Estimated time for platinum: around 15-25 hours depending on the cheats
Minimum number of playthroughs required for platinum: 1( if you unlock the Insane difficulty with a cheat code, see cheats below)
Number of missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: the trophy “Emblematic” has been said not to unlock on the 360 occasionally, I don’t know if this is the same for the ps3 version.
Do cheat codes disable trophies: No
Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes

Introduction and Trophy Breakdown:
Ok so if you’re playing this you obviously either want an easy platinum or haven’t read the reviews but either way, you’re now playing the game. The A.I. in the game is less than… intelligent and you should use this to your advantage. Even on Insane the A.I. is glitchy and may not shoot at you even if you are blatantly in front of them, either way though this promises to be an easy Platinum. It shouldn’t be too difficult to complete and should take 1 playthrough. This is done by a cheat code that unlocks the difficulty, if you don’t want to do this then you have to play through the game twice. For the most part, you earn trophies for completing the main missions, one per difficulty and another for finishing the story on certain skill levels. The rest of the trophies are either for doing physical activities, certain combat maneuvers, or collecting Emblems. It should be noted that when collecting emblems you should decide early on if you will collect them all, mission select is available, but as long as the levels are it isn’t worth it. All trophies are fairly straight forward and with a little farming( repeating a section over and over to obtain a trophy more easily) you will have all of these trophies in a few days. So now that you’ve had a brief introduction to the game here is the format for platinum.


Playthrough 1: Run through on Insane in Co-op By Yourself
Ok so this run is going to be done in Co-op. You need two controllers for starters and should only control one. Start by having the second close to you while you control the main character. This will allow you to revive yourself when you are downed and get the two trophies for co-op. While playing you should be mindful of the trophies involving combat and farm at the appropriate places. You also need to follow the guide for the Collectables as you don’t want to have to play a second time for the Collectables. If you are having trouble with any section of the game post here on the forums and someone will try to give you advice on your situation and how to get through it. Make sure that you use cover and try get headshots as often as possible. You should use as many cheats as needed to get through it, they don’t disable trophies and as this is a run with cheats you should use them as much as you want. See the end of this map for a list of cheats.


Playthrough 1: Playthrough on Hardcore while minding the Combat and Collectable Trophies
Ok so this time around you want to play on Hardcore so you can unlock Insane difficulty. If you want you can play on Co-op but as Insane is harder I thought it would be better to save it for your second run. Make sure that you get all the combat trophies and if you want to the Collectables. You can do it on either playthrough but I thought it would be best to get it out of the way early.

Playthrough 2:
Mop up Combat and Collectable Trophy Run on Insane Difficulty in Co-op Mode
The only things different on this playthrough from your first is that you will do this on Insane and in Co-op Mode. You can do this in the method mentioned in the first playthrough with cheats format. You will go through getting any trophies you haven’t gotten already and the last few trophies for playing on Insane difficulty. Overall it is not that difficult. Those who have completed Killzone2 on Elite or Call of Duty: World at War on Veteran will feel this is a cake walk.

These are the cheats. They are case sensitive and should be used either exploitively or not at all.

BlowOffSomeSteam; This unlocks the super pistol ALWAYS USE THIS
LockNLoad; Custom Loadout option, this lets you set which weapons you use.
Revenant: This unlocks Insane difficulty

Use these to your advantage, I suggest the shotgun, rifle, and super pistol. This will let you snipe, have close quarters options, and the one shot kill gun.

Closing Notes:

This is my third guide and is only to be used by ps3t.org or x360a.org. If you have information you think should be added to the guide pm me ON THIS SITE not psn, I don’t like getting messages while I play games when they have to do with guides. Any praise is welcome in posts but keep hate messages to pm’s please. I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it helped you to achieve a platinum. God bless everyone!


Arrowtree – Casual :
Complete Arrowtree on Casual.
See “Revenant.”

Boomtown – Casual
Complete Boomtown on Casual.
See “Revenant.”

Mesa Dorado – Casual
Complete Mesa Dorado on Casual.
See “Revenant.”

Terra Verte – Casual (Bronze)Complete Terra Verte on Casual.
See “Revenant.”

Double Time (Bronze)Complete any chapter after Arrowtree in Co-op on any difficulty
See “ People Skills.”

Sniper (Bronze)Get 20 Headshots.
This is done easiest with the sniper rifle, press R3 to zoom in and this can be done up to four times zoom. The best place to farm this is when you first encounter enemies, don’t move and zoom in with the sniper rifle( dark seraph rifle) and shoot the five enemies. Once your partner tells you to move reload the checkpoint. Do this four times( five if you miss) and you will have this trophy

Where’d They Come From?
(Bronze)Kill 20 enemies without alerting them.
If you’re sniping then you should be able to do this at the same time. The best place to farm this is when you first encounter enemies, don’t move and zoom in with the sniper rifle( dark seraph rifle) and shoot the five enemies. Once your partner tells you to move reload the checkpoint. Do this four times( five if you miss) and you will have this trophy if you kill them with a headshot( this is to make sure that they don’t notice you.)

Pedestrian Crossing (Bronze)Kill 20 enemies with a vehicle.
When your first encounter enemies after you’ve gotten a vehicle wait for them to move into their spots. At this point you should line yourself up at one start driving at them and when you are close but they haven’t moved yet, hit L1 to boost and you will drive straight through them. If you are skilled enough you can move around and hit more but at this point drive further down the meadow area to the house at the northwest end of the meadow and wait for another group to get into their positions. Repeat the drive and boost method you did for the first batch. From here you can let the remaining kill you and then farm here or you can go to the next section and try to get more of them until they kill you or just play the game.

Pyro (Bronze)Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage.
At the very start of the second mission after you kill the three miners charging at you, you run through a tunnel. At the end of this tunnel you see a few miners shooting at you from a ledge above you and some barrels next to them. Shoot the barrels before your partner does and you will have 2 kills for the “Pyro” torphy. Repeat this 10 times( less if you’ve already killed some enemies with barrels or trip mines ) and you have yourself the trophy.

Dumb Luck (Bronze)Kill 5 enemies at once with explosive damage.
You should do this in Co-op for starters. At the sewers you go through later in the game, you will come across a mounted gun and a five zombie like enemies that will charge at you. At this point you can either shoot them with an arrow gun and then have your partner revive you, OR you can have one person stand there as bait while the other person throws a trip mine at the zombies attacking your partner.

Wall Jumper (Bronze)Successfully wall-jump 100 times.
A wall jump is done by sprinting to a wall, pressing X, and then pulling yourself up the ledge with X. When you first are told to wall jump you can farm this. You can take 10 minutes to farm this here or you can play the game and if you need to farm this later on you can. I suggest doing it early to get it out of the way.

Free Style Walker (Bronze)Chain together any 3 physical abilities in 5 seconds or less.
This trophy involves 3 kinds of jumps or maneuver done within a 5 second time frame. Early on in the game when you are first learning how to wall jump if you farm this action then you will get it by 1) jumping off the wall 2) pulling yourself up with X and finally 3) falling from the ledge and pressing X at the wall to jump again. This is fairly easy to get, I got this without even trying.

Found It! (Bronze)Collect 1 Emblem.
See “Emblematic.”

Skeet Shooter (Bronze)Shoot 25 Trip Mines out of the air.
First, throw a mine up into the air. Then pull out your machine gun and shoot. Do this 25 times and you will get the trophy. You can do this faster in co-op if your partner throws mines for you to shoot. If you need to find a boosting partner please use the proper boosting thread. If you are having trouble trying standing away from a large wall and throw a mine at it and then shoot it, this will give you more time to shoot it, you will see it easier, and you will have a chance to hit it as it is falling down.

Trooper (Silver)Complete the Game on Casual.
See “Revenant.

Arrowtree – Hardcore (Silver)Complete Arrowtree on Hardcore.
See “Revenant.”

Boomtown – Hardcore (Silver)Complete Boomtown on Hardcore.
See “Revenant.”

Mesa Dorado – Hardcore (Silver)Complete Mesa Dorado on Hardcore.
See “Revenant.”

Terra Verte – Hardcore (Silver)Complete Terra Verte on Hardcore.
See “Revenant.”

People Skills (Silver)Complete the game in Co-op on any difficulty.
To do this set up a controller that you won’t use and set it aside. Then play the game. If you want use the proper thread to find online partners here: http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/dam…-partners.html

Peacemaker (Gold)Complete the Game on Hardcore.
See “Revenant.

Arrowtree – Insane (Gold)Complete Arrowtree on Insane.
See “Revenant.”

Boomtown – Insane (Gold)Complete Boomtown on Insane.
See “Revenant.”

Finders Keepers
(Silver)Collect 10 Emblems.
See “ Emblematic.”

Mesa Dorado – Insane (Gold)Complete Mesa Dorado on Insane.
See “Revenant.”

Terra Verte – Insane (Gold)Complete Terra Verte on Insane.
See “Revenant.”

Revenant (Gold):Complete the Game on Insane.
This is really not all that hard of a task. To make it even easier, play on co-op. If you die, grab the other controller and go revive yourself or if you have it unlocked hold L1 to enter spirit vision and revive yourself even more easily. If you REALLY are having trouble then post here for help, see the guide that is in the link here: http://guides.teamxbox.com/xbox-360/…on/page_9.html, or have the A.I. partner do all the work for you and spirit revive him when he dies. This trophy will unlock “Trooper” and “Peacemaker” as well so don’t worry about beating the game three times. This concept applies to the levels as well, beating one level on Insane will also unlock the trophies for Casual and Hardcore as well.

Emblematic (Gold):Collected 20 Emblems.
http://guides.teamxbox.com/xbox-360/…on/page_8.html This link will give you a short description and a screenshot of specificly where it is and does this for all 20.

Master Of All (Platinum)Unlock all Damnation™ Trophies to unlock this Platinum Trophy.
Collect all and this will unlock. Congrats if you get this.

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