• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30 hours
  • Offline Trophies: 47 (1trophy, 3trophy, 9trophy, 34trophy)
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty options
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 1




Clique no link abaixo para que vc possa traduzir o texto de sua escolha, o guia esta em Inglês para manter a originalidade das informações.

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Welcome to the Control Trophy Guide! Control is an action-adventure game set in the dystopian and supernatural Federal Bureau of Control, a clandestine government agency whose goal is to contain, study and control objects and phenomena which defy scientific law. In the FBC, found within the skyscraper nicknamed the Oldest House, the world constantly shifts into new realms and realities. In the game, you play as Jesse Faden, a civilian who arrives at the FBC in the hope to find her brother Dylan who had been kidnapped by supernatural forces during their childhood. Soon after arriving at FBC, Jesse becomes the new Director and learns that the building has been infested by a hostile force called the Hiss. With an ever-shifting Service Weapon and supernatural powers, Jesse decides to take on the role of leader in her attempt to cleanse the Oldest House of the Hiss corruption and learn more about the disappearance of her brother. Will Jesse succeed in her quest and restoring order?


Step 1: Play through the Story, Unlock all Supernatural Abilities, Get all Collectibles, Start Working on Board Countermeasures

For your first step, your goal is to play through the story. Soon after the beginning of the story, you will unlock the Service Weapon, a gun which shifts into different weapon forms. This is your secondary way to attack enemies together with your Supernatural Abilities. The Service Weapon can be upgraded by collecting materials enemies drop or from green-looking metal crates found in the various areas you visit. Not only are the materials important to upgrade any Service Weapon Form to Level 3, but also to create Mods and accept more Board Countermeasures (Challenges).

The story features a total of 10 Main Story Missions, each of which awards you with a trophy. During some of them you will automatically unlock some Collectibles and Supernatural Abilities. However, some of the latter are unlocked by playing Side Missions. Check the related trophy descriptions to find out which missions unlock which Supernatural Abilities. Ideally, you want to play all Side Missions that award you Supernatural Abilities as well in this step. These are “A Good Defense”, “A Merry Chase”, and “A Captive Audience”. The more Supernatural Abilities you unlock, the more Board Countermeasures (Challenges) you’ll be able to accept. Additionally, combat will get a lot easier, and more areas, including most Hidden Locations, will become reachable. When you complete a mission, you will receive Ability Points which can be spent to upgrade the Supernatural Abilities you obtain along the way. As you unlock more and more Upgrades, you will unlock all 3 Personal Mod Slots.

As for Collectibles, the game sports more than 250, but luckily only 120 are required for the Platinum. The strands are: Research & Records, Case Files, Correspondence, Multimedia, and Hotline. You won’t need a collectible guide for this one, because the game handholds you through the majority of them. In fact, a large part of the required 120 Collectibles is given to you as you play through and finish Main Story and Side Missions. The others can be found by simply exploring the various areas you go through and they’re usually found in offices and Shelters. Some Collectibles cannot be collected unless you have Clearance Level 6 or specific Supernatural Abilities. Play through the story to get to the highest Clearance Level possible. When you get close to a Collectible, a white dot appears on the screen. If you die, you don’t need to collect them again. What’s very important to note is that some Collectibles unlock some Side Missions and these are mandatory for the Platinum. Refer to the description of :silver: FBC Crisis Solution Task Force and :gold: Bureau Archivist to find out where these specific Collectibles are and the Side Missions they unlock.

During the story you will also cleanse most Control Points, the rest are cleansed while playing through Side Missions. Control Points are where most of the magic happens as they serve as Fast Travel points to the different areas of FBC. Here you can also upgrade Jesse’s Supernatural Abilities and Service Weapon and accept Board Countermeasures, in-game challenges that ask you to kill enemies in a certain way and in a certain location. Check the related trophy descriptions on how to upgrade your Supernatural Abilities and Service Weapon and how to go about Board Countermeasures in a time-efficient way. A quick note about Board Countermeasures: ideally, you want to start working on these as soon as possible. While enemies respawn in this game even after the story, they do in much fewer numbers as opposed to when you visit an area for the first time. Even though some enemy types do not easily respawn, there’s luckily a way to choose which Board Countermeasure to work on, so it boils down to choosing the easiest and fastest ones. More on this in the related trophy description.

Step 2: Finish Remaining Side Missions, Get all Kill-Specific Trophies with Bureau Alerts and Remaining Board Countermeasures, and Cleanse Remaining Control Points

Now it’s time to mop up all remaining Side Missions, especially the ones tied to the Altered Items or any collectible-related ones that don’t award you with Supernatural Abilities.

Secondly, it is smart to get whatever you’ve got left for the kill-specific trophies now that you have unlocked most Supernatural Abilities and combine this with all 5 Bureau Alerts and potentially remaining Board Countermeasures.

As you play through new missions, you’ll defog new areas with remaining Control Points.

Step 3: Kill 1,000 Enemies, Collect 100,000 Source, All Hidden Locations and Ability Upgrades Clean-Up

For your third step, you might have to kill some more enemies to get to 1,000 and collect some more Source. A good way to do both of these in one go is to revisit enemy-ridden areas, aka areas you’ve previously visited during your story run in which enemies spawned on a regular basis.


Director of the FBC
Unlock all other trophies
Earn all other trophies in Control to unlock Platinum!
Astral Construction
Construct a Weapon Form or Mod
You will most likely unlock this trophy naturally as you play through the story. In order to construct a Weapon Form or Mod, you need to access the Astral Constructs menu available from any of the Control Points you cleanse. Here you can choose to create a new Service Weapon Form or a Mod. In order to do either, you need a sufficient amount of Source and the right materials, such as Ritual Impulse, Astral Blips, Corrupted Samples, Hidden Trends, House Memory, Entropic Echos, Undefined Readings etc.Source is given to you as soon as you kill an enemy and by deconstructing unused Mods. Materials are found in metal crates spread throughout the areas of the game (usually in offices and Mold areas) or dropped by enemies once defeated. For the Mods, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Weapon or a Personal Mod. Construct one of either one and the trophy will unlock. Please note that some Mods are only available for specific Service Weapon Forms.
Non-Standard Issue
Upgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3
As you play through the story, you will encounter lots of enemies. Each kill awards you Source, one of the in-game currency strands. Source is used to construct new weapons, construct new Mods, and especially upgrade your Service Weapon Forms. However, to perform all of these actions, Source is not enough. To upgrade any of your Service Weapon Forms you also need materials found in metal crates (usually found in offices or Mold areas) or dropped by enemies, such as Ritual Impulse, Astral Blips, Corrupted Samples, Hidden Trends, House Memory, Entropic Echos, Undefined Readings etc. You can upgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3 by accessing the Astral Constructs menu from any of the Control Points you cleanse. Access the Weapon Forms menu and choose which Service Weapon Form you want to bring to level three first (the Shatter and the Charge are a good option since they are the most powerful Forms in the game). Odds are you will naturally unlock this trophy near the end of the game.
Career Development
Unlock all 3 Personal Mod slots
This trophy will unlock naturally on your way to 100% all Ability Upgrades. As you unlock new Ability Upgrades, the bar below the branches will gradually fill up, allowing you to unlock all 3 Personal Mod Slots for your Service Weapon. For the first tier you need 1 Ability unlocked, for the second tier you need 5, and for the third tier you need 25.
The Importance of Synergy
Complete 5 Side Missions
See trophy “FBC Crisis Solution Task Force”
Inter-Departmental Cooperation
Complete 10 Side Missions
See trophy “FBC Crisis Solution Task Force”
FBC Crisis Solution Task Force
Complete 15 Side Missions
To be able to get this trophy, you only need to complete 15 out of the 18 available Side Missions. However, in order to get the Platinum, you need to play through all of them. Doing so will award you sufficient Ability Points for :gold: Master Parautilitarian. Some of these Side Missions unlock after finding a specific collectible, others are given to you by NPCs you come across or need to find in the FBC. Some of these Side Missions lead you to new Supernatural Abilities, others to new Altered Items for you to contain and cleanse (the trophy-related ones), others are just there for new Ability Points. Here’s a list of all of them with their names, starting locations, givers, collectible required or when they unlock. The list is based on the order I’ve personally unlocked the Side Missions (the exclusive Side Mission “Isolation” is unnecessary).All Side Mission Locations:

  1. A Merry Chase (for the Evade Ability): see trophy “Shifting Positions”
  2. What a Mess: Burn the Trash:
    • Mission Location: Maintenance / Janitor’s Office (on the corkboard);
    • When it unlocks: after speaking with Ahti in his office as part of Mission 3 “Directorial Override”.
  3. A Good Defense (for the Shield Ability): see trophy “Insular Telekinesis”;
  4. A Captive Audience: see trophy “Psychic Occupation”;
  5. Fridge Duty: see trophy “Astral Phenomena”;
  6. Langston’s Runaways Pt. 1: this mission unlocks after completing “Fridge Duty”. Your job here is to find, contain, and cleanse certain Altered Items. Here is a quick solution on how to deal with all of them.
    • Japanese Paper Lantern: accessible as you play through the Side Mission called “A Matter of Time”. Found among some clocks. Use Charge to get rid of the clocks, then cleanse it.
    • Traffic Light: found in 4th floor of the Panopticon. Move when the light is green, stop completely when the light is yellow and red to avoid restarting.
    • Hand Chair: found on the ceiling of the Mold-ridden room in the Medical Wing of the Containment sector. Simply attack it to drop it and cleanse it.
    • Moving Letters: found in Dead Letters in Executive, some of them are in the top floors of the room. Quickly follow the 3 letters whenever they move and try to cleanse them before they move again. At some point anyway, they’ll stop moving and you’ll be able to cleanse them.
  7. Old Friend:
    • Mission Location: Executive / Central Executive
    • Mission giver: Arish
    • When it unlocks: when you go back to the Board Room to speak with Emily at the end of Mission 6 “A Brother’s Keeper”.
  8. Self-Reflection: see trophy “Altered Manifestations May Occur”;
  9. What a Mess: Talk to the Plants
    • Mission Location: Maintenance / Janitor’s Office (on the corkboard);
    • When it unlocks: when you need to go see Ahti in his office during Mission 8 “Finnish Tango”;
  10. What a Mess: Clear the Mold
    • Mission Location: Maintenance / Janitor’s Office (on the corkboard);
    • When it unlocks: when you need to go see Ahti in his office during Mission 8 “Finnish Tango”;
  11. What a Mess: Clear the Clog
    • Mission Location: Maintenance / Janitor’s Office (on the corkboard);
    • When it unlocks: when you need to go see Ahti in his office during Mission 8 “Finnish Tango”;
  12. What a Mess: Even More Mold
    • Mission Location: Maintenance / Janitor’s Office (on the corkboard);
    • When it unlocks: when you need to go see Ahti in his office during Mission 8 “Finnish Tango”;
  13. What a Mess: Take a Break
    • Mission Location: Maintenance / Janitor’s Office;
    • When it unlocks: after completing all the previous “What a Mess” Side Missions;
  14. Mold Removal
    • Mission Location: Active Threshold / Dr. Underhill’s Lab;
    • When it unlocks: after defeating Mold-1;
  15. Mr. Tommasi: see trophy “Head of Communications”;
  16. A Matter of Time:
    • Mission Location: west of Logistics / Containment;
    • Mission Giver: Horowitz; talk to him, then interact with the light switch next to him three times to access a new motel area. Solve the clock riddle by setting the time shown by the clock at the reception on the clocks of the three motel rooms. Interact then with the light switch again to be warped to a new area;
  17. The Enemy Within: see trophy “Living Archetypes”;
  18. Langston’s Runaways Pt. 2: find, contain, and cleanse a new set of Altered Items. Here is a quick solution on how to deal with all of them.
    • Flamingo: use a combination of Levitate + Evade to quickly fly through the holes closing in. Interact with the Flamingo to be warped to the Former’s area. Defeat it again to cleanse this Altered Item;
    • Mannequin: interact with the Mannequin at the end of the tilted library corridor in Prime Candidate Program. You then need to find the right Mannequin. It’s in the very last group of mannequins, all the way north-west of the starting mannequin’s location.
    • Rubber Duck: to access the Rubber Duck’s location, enter the room found in front of one of the entrances to the HRA Lab (the entrance is covered by some crates). Levitate to a hole in the wall above and then continue on until you can access the containment room. Interact with the Rubber Duck. It’ll vanish. Listen to the quacks to determine the location it warps to. To get the Rubber Duck, you need to quickly use Evade and :square: to collect it.
Paranatural Collection
Collect more than 100,000 Source
Whenever you kill an enemy or deconstruct Mods, you’re awarded points. These points are called Source. Source is one of your currency strands in the game and is used to construct new weapons, upgrade existing weapons, as well as construct new Mods. It is advisable to save your Source to construct new Service Weapon Forms. Constructing Mods is a bit of waste since you can get most of these by simply playing through missions and destroying metal crates in Shelters. Collecting 100,000 Source will pose no challenge and you will probably unlock this halfway through the story. If you haven’t by then, use the same strategy from the trophy description below or simply deconstruct Mods you don’t need from the :tp: Loadout menu.
Interdimensional Defender
Killed 1000 Hiss
Over the course of your playthrough, you’ll come across lots of enemies. These enemies are called the Hiss. You shouldn’t have to worry at all about this trophy as it will probably unlock naturally without too much effort while playing through the story. I personally unlocked it before the end of the story. However, if you haven’t by the end of it, some good ways to get more kills are to accept and complete Bureau Alerts (5 of them are needed for :bronze: Crisis Management anyway), take on new Bureau Countermeasures (25 of them are needed for :silver: Astral Tactician anyway), especially the ones requiring you to kill lots of Hiss, or to go back to areas you’ve already visited during your Main Story playthrough.
Unlock 1 Ability Tree Upgrade
See trophy “Master Parautilitarian”
Expert Parautilitarian
Unlock 50% of the Ability Upgrades
See trophy “Expert Parautilitarian”
Master Parautilitarian
Unlock 100% of the Ability Upgrades
Ability Upgrades make Jesse’s Supernatural Abilities more powerful and deadlier. In order to upgrade them, you need Ability Points which are awarded to you in two ways: upon playing through and completing Main Story or Side Missions and discovering Hidden Locations. To upgrade your Abilities you need to interact with any of the Control Points and then choose Abilities. Choose to prioritize Launch and Energy. When combined, Energy and Launch are very deadly. In order to reach 100%, you need to unlock all Ability Upgrades for all the different Ability branches, which means that you need to do every Main Story and Side Mission and discover most Hidden Locations.

Choose to be Chosen
Obtain the Service Weapon
Automatic story-related unlock.Shortly after meeting Ahti the janitor and getting on the elevator, you’ll reach Executive. At some point, you’ll hear a gunshot and your task is to investigate the noise coming from the Director’s Office. Enter the office and interact with the Service Weapon lying on the ground. This is the first one of the many Objects of Power you’ll come across, a shapeshifting gun that will transform into many different weapons over the course of your journey through the FBC. After picking the Service Weapon, the game takes you to the Astral Plane, an otherworldly area serving as training grounds for your newly acquired weapon or Supernatural Abilities. Simply complete the platforming challenge to collect the Service Weapon and unlock this trophy.
Paranatural Powerhouse
Obtain the Launch Ability
  • Main Story Mission: Unknown Caller
  • When it unlocks: during Mission 2 “Unknown Caller
  • Location: Executive / Hotline

Automatic story-related unlock. At some point during the mission, Jesse will interact with the Hotline, an Object of Power in the guise of an old telephone, to understand the messages from the dead Director trying to communicate with her. On her way to the Hotline, Jesse will come across an Object of Power in Pneumatics. Here a Floppy Disk will start throwing things at Jesse. Try to get to the Floppy Disk unscathed and when you are close to it hit :square: to contain and cleanse it. You will be teleported to the Astral Plane where the tutorial for the Launch Ability awaits you. Simply complete the tutorial and interact with the Control Point at the end of the section to bind the Floppy Disk and unlock this trophy.

Insular Telekinesis
Obtain the Shield Ability
  • Side Mission: A Good Defense
  • Collectible required to unlock mission: Home Safe Tests (found in the Black Rock Processing lab in Central Maintenance, in a room with a control panel, south of entrance)
  • Mission Location: Maintenance / Central Maintenance / Field Training

In the Maintenance sector there’s an area called Central Maintenance which is accessible from the NSC Power Plant area. To the left of Central Maintenance is the Field Training. The room is blocked by some Hiss Nodes. Destroy the Nodes in the area to clear the way. Awaiting you here is a timed challenge. Your goal is to go through the final garage door in less than 45 seconds. To move forward as quickly as possible you have to shoot at paper targets and move objects with your Launch Ability to open doors or create pathways. If you fail, simply go back to the entrance of the area and press the button to try again. If you succeed to go through the garage doors before the time is up, you will find a new Object of Power, a Safe. Cleanse the Safe to enter the Astral Plane for the tutorial on how to use the Shield Ability. Complete the tutorial to unlock the trophy.

Shifting Positions
Obtain the Evade Ability
  • Side Mission: A Merry Chase
  • When it unlocks: on your way to the Janitor’s Office shortly after the beginning of Mission 3 “Directorial Override”
  • Mission Location: Maintenance / Ventilation (opposite the Janitor’s Office)

At some point during the story you will need to visit Ahti the Janitor in his office in Maintenance, near Ventilation. Basically opposite the Janitor’s Office is a corridor leading to a room in the distance, the Break Room. Jesse will feel the presence of an Object of Power on her way to Ahti’s Office. Make a slight detour towards this room. The room floor will shatter causing you to fall into the Astral Plane. Make your way through until you reach a Merry-Go-Round Horse. Cleanse it to obtain the Evade Ability, the power to rapidly dash short distances and evade enemies’ attacks. Once you’ve cleansed the Object of Power and have completed the tutorial, the trophy will unlock.

Psychic Occupation
Obtain the Compel Ability
  • Side Mission: A Captive Audience
  • Collectible required to unlock mission: Astralnauts Information (found on a piece of furniture near the Control Point in Parapsychology)
  • Mission Location: Research / Hypnosis Lab (in Parapsychology)

At some point during the story you will need to find your way to the Parapsychology department of Research. In the Hypnosis Lab there’s a new Object of Power, an X-Ray Light Box. To access the room where the Light Box is, you need to unlock the door. In one of the rooms here is a puzzle. The solution is below. Cleanse the Object of Power to enter the Astral Plane, then go through the Seize tutorial by seizing enemies so they can shoot at the gold enemy. This will unlock the trophy. Now you can seize enemies using :square: to have them fight on your side. Weaken the enemy you want to seize first and when :square: appears above their heads it means they can be seized.

Rising Thought
Obtain the Levitate Ability
  • Main Story Mission: My Brother’s Keeper
  • Mission Giver: Frederick Langston, the Panopticon Supervisor
  • Mission Location: Containment / Panopticon

Automatic story-related unlock. This Ability is unlocked during the Main Story Mission called “My Brother’s Keeper”. At some point during the story, Jesse will be told that her brother Dylan has been kept in a special containment room in the Panopticon in the Containment sector. Go to the Panopticon and speak with Frederic Langston. Before accessing Dylan’s containment room, Langston asks Jesse if she can subdue a new Object of Power, a Benicoff TV. Go to the 4th floor and access the area where the TV is. Follow the TV and be ready to take on Salvador and some minions. Once you’ve defeated them, approach the TV to bind it and enter the Astral Plane. Levitate to each platform until you reach a Control Point and unlock the trophy. Binding the TV gives Jesse the Levitate Ability, which, in turn, allows her to reach Dylan’s containment room. The Levitate ability is of extreme importance in this game as it allows you to get to previously unreachable areas as well as to gather all Hidden Location Ability Points.

Ritualistic Thinking
Cleanse 5 Control Points
See trophy “Discerning the Pattern”
Ritual Intuition
Cleanse 10 Control Points
See trophy “Discerning the Pattern”
Discerning the Pattern
Cleanse 25 Control Points
As you play through the story, you will come across Control Points. Control Points allow you to perform different actions, such as fast travelling to other previously unlocked Control Points, construct new Weapon Forms or Mods, manage your Board Countermeasures, and upgrade Jesse’s Supernatural Abilities. There’s a total of 29 Control Points in the game and you will come across most of them as you play through the story. By the end of the story, you will probably have already unlocked all 25 Control Points. If not, you can start taking on Side Missions to get the rest.
Strange Collection
Collect 40 Collectibles
See trophy “Bureau Archivist”
Record Keeper
Collect 80 Collectibles
See trophy “Bureau Archivist”
Bureau Archivist
Collect 120 Collectibles
In Control there are more than 250 Collectibles, but for the Platinum you only need 120. While this may seem like a daunting task to undertake, fear not. The game handholds you through all of them and the collectible-related trophies will be among the first you’ll unlock. Most Collectibles are given to you automatically as you play through Main Story and Side Missions and as you defog the maps. You may even possibly unlock the number of Collectibles required by just playing normally. However, should you be short of just a few, finding additional ones is very easy, requiring you to just explore the areas you visit a bit. Whenever you get close to one you can see a white dot appearing on your screen. To collect it, simply approach it and hold :square: . Dots appear even when Jesse is still relatively far away from the Collectible. If you die, you don’t need to collect them again. The strands are: Research & Records, Case Files, Correspondence, Multimedia, and Hotline and almost all of them are found in offices and labs, either on shelfs, desks, or on the ground. Some specific collectibles unlock some of the Side Missions and these are mandatory on your way to the Platinum. Here’s a list of these collectibles and the missions they unlock based on the order I’ve personally found them.

  1. Collectible: Home Safe Tests
    • Collectible Location: Maintenance / Central Maintenance / Black Rock Processing (in a room with a control panel);
    • Mission unlocked: A Good Defense
  2. Collectible: Astralnauts Information
    • Collectible Location: Research / Parapsychology (found on a piece of furniture near the Control Point)
    • Mission unlocked: A Captive Audience
  3. Collectible: Mirror Supplement
    • Collectible Location: on your way to Prime Candidate Program as part of Mission 7 there’s a room protected by some metal grids, near a metal detector. Inside this room is the collectible you need.
    • Mission unlocked: Self-Reflection

Altered Manifestations May Occur
Defeat esseJ
  • Side Mission: Self-Reflection
  • Collectible required: Mirror Supplement (on your way to Prime Candidate Program as part of Mission 7 there’s a room protected by some metal grids, near a metal detector. Inside this room is the collectible you need)
  • Mission Location: Research / Ritual Division / Synchronicity Lab / Mirror Testing

In Research there’s an area called Ritual Division. Next to Ritual Division is a room called Synchronicity Lab. Inside the lab is an underground room Mirror Testing (Clearance Level 6 required). Enter the lab where you’ll find a containment room with an Altered Item inside, a Mirror. To open and enter the Mirror, interact with the monitors on the control panel. They reveal the position the sealed doors on the two sides of the containment room need to be in. Once you’ve memorized or taken a picture of their positions, interact with the buttons next to the sealed doors found on top of the right and left stairs. Once you’ve unlocked the sealed door that gives you access to the containment room, interact with the mirror to enter a reality where everything is reflected. Then, go back to the Synchronicity Lab and interact with the windows on both floors to encounter a hostile, Hiss-corrupted version of Jesse, esseJ. Defeat esseJ to unlock the trophy, then cleanse the Mirror.

Aggressive Growth
Defeat Mold-1
  • Side Mission: Old Growth (the boss part unlocks after completing collecting the Mold samples)
  • Mission Giver: Dr. Underhill
  • Mission Location: Research / Active Threshold

Research’s main lobby area is Central Research. One of the corners of the ground floor is littered with blue-colored Mold. Near it is a big hole in the ground. Note that you can only go through this hole only after unlocking the Levitate Ability. If you simply jump in it without having Levitate unlocked first, you’ll die. Once you’ve unlocked Levitate, come back here and go through the hole. Continue on, making sure you don’t get hit by Mold hosts’ squirts as they deal lots of damage. Open the door to get to a new area with a yellow lab structure on the left side. Enter the lab (Clearance Level 4 required) and speak with Dr. Underhill. She is going to give you some Side Missions. One of them is called Old Growth and in its second half you are tasked to levitate deeper into the Active Threshold, an underground area that is apparently the victim of a serious Mold infestation. Dr. Underhill gives Jesse a pill that immunizes her to certain Mold effects. Enter the Active Threshold and levitate through the pink-colored hole in the ground. Make your way through the Mold tunnels, making sure not to get hit by the Mold hosts. You’re going to need all of your health later on. In the deepest parts of the Threshold is Mold-1, the reason for the Mold infestation. Use a combination of your Levitate, Evade, and Launch Abilities to get rid of the creature. Once you’ve gotten rid of it, the trophy will pop.

Head of Communications
Defeat Mr. Tomassi
  • Side Mission: Mr. Tommasi (available only after beating Mission 7 “The Face of the Enemy”)
  • Mission Giver: Emily Pope
  • Mission Location: Executive / Board Room

After obtaining the Launch Ability, you take on the Hiss-corrupted Head of Communications, Alberto Tommasi. During the story you don’t get to defeat him, but you will get your chance during this Side Mission. Go to Executive and enter the Board Room to speak with Emily Pope. She tells you that Mr. Tommasi has been sighted in the Containment sector. Proceed to the Sterling AWE Area which is now open. As soon as you enter the new area, the fight will start. Tommasi is an elevated enemy type, he is very powerful and will easily evade your Launch attacks. Use your Service Weapon Forms to weaken him and then attack him with Launch. Take cover often to avoid being damaged and don’t forget to eliminate enemy waves. Once Tommasi has been defeated, the trophy will unlock.

Living Archetypes
Defeat the Anchor
  • Side Mission: The Enemy Within (unlocks after completing “A Matter of Time”)
  • Mission Giver: Wells
  • Mission Location: Containment / Sealed Threshold Entrance

After completing the Side Mission called “A Matter of Time”, go back to the Sealed Threshold Entrance and then enter the Shelter. Continue on using Levitate until you can see a new Altered Item, an Anchor. Time for some new cleansing. To kill the Anchor you need to hit it while its “mouth” is open and is about to throw clocks at you. Make sure not to get hit by the clocks as they deal lots of damage. A good way to defeat it is to use Levitate to position yourself at angle that is accurate enough to still be able to hit the “mouth” with Launch and your most powerful Service Weapon Forms, such as Pierce and Charge, but without getting damaged. As you deal it damage, new Hiss-corrupted enemies will spawn. Eliminate them while still being careful about not being hit by clocks. Once the Anchor has been defeated, the trophy will pop.

Astral Phenomena
Defeat Former
  • Mission: Fridge Duty (unlocks entirely after completing the Main Story Mission “My Brother’s Keeper”)
  • Mission Giver: Phillip
  • Mission Location: Containment / Panopticon (4th floor)

On the fourth floor of the Panopticon in the Containment sector is an agent called Phillip who has been left to stare at an Altered Item, a Refrigerator. He can’t stare much longer and if he blinks the Refrigerator will deviate. After finding Dylan’s cell, go back to Phillip. He will ask you to go back to the Panopticon Supervisor, Frederick Langston, so that he could open the door to the cell for Jesse. After speaking with Langston, levitate back up to Phillip’s cell. However, you won’t reach Phillip in time as he literally gets sucked into the Astral Plane by the Refrigerator. Jesse decides to enter the Refrigerator herself, only to meet a strange one-eyed creature called the Former. Defeating the Former can be tricky. To make things easier, you need to keep levitating at all times. Some of the Former’s attacks will shatter the floor, making it easier for you to misstep and fall to your death. While levitating, use Launch to throw its orbs back at it or concrete. Its life goes down quickly, so this shouldn’t take too long if you’re careful about where to step. Once Former has been defeated, the trophy will unlock.

Welcome to the Oldest House
Complete Mission 1
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
Unknown Caller
Complete Mission 2
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
Directorial Override
Complete Mission 3
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
Old Boys’ Club
Complete Mission 4
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
Complete Mission 5
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
My Brother’s Keeper
Complete Mission 6
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
The Face of the Enemy
Complete Mission 7
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
Finnish Tango
Complete Mission 8
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
Complete Mission 9
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
Take Control
Complete Mission 10
Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed.
Cognitive Intruder
Compel 10 enemies with the Seize Ability
After acquiring the Seize Ability, you can hold :square: on an enemy when they’re almost dead to turn them on your side. Do this 10 times. It doesn’t matter if your seized enemies die in battle.
Unstable Matter
Kill 50 enemies with the Launch Ability
After acquiring the Launch Ability, kill 50 enemies with it. Killing 50 enemies will come very quickly as this will likely be your most used Ability. In fact, you will kill more than 50 enemies with this Ability.
Volatile Debris
Kill 10 enemies with the Shield Burst Ability
Now, before telling you what you need to do for this trophy, we should mention that there’s no Shield Burst Ability. The actual name of the Ability is Shield Barrage. After acquiring the Shield Ability, you need to have enough Ability Points to upgrade it to Shield Barrage. After upgrading to Shield Barrage, simply hold :l1: to shield yourself from bullets and enemies’ attacks. Then, release when you’re close to a weakened enemy to kill them. Do this 10 times to unlock this trophy.
Proper Handling Procedures
Use Launch to throw a grenade or rocket
To be able to throw a grenade or rocket back to an enemy, you first need to unlock the Launch Ability (natural story progression) and then upgrade it to the Launch Explosives Ability. After doing so, don’t even worry about this trophy as it will most likely happen naturally while fighting lots of enemies.
War Games
Complete 5 Board Countermeasures
See trophy “Astral Tactician”
Astral Tactician
Complete 25 Board Countermeasures
Board Countermeasures are in-game challenges that require you to kill a series of enemies in a given location and in a specific way. To get this trophy you need to complete 25 of them. It is advisable to start working on these as soon as they become available in game (beginning of Mission 3 “Directorial Override”). In fact, during the story enemies spawn more often and in greater numbers, making this a lot easier to do. If you leave this to the endgame, it can feel a bit grindy. If by the end of the story, you haven’t completed all 25 of them, you can still go back to previously visited areas where lots of enemies would spawn during the story to get to the total 25 Board Countermeasures required. There’s a very quick and easy way to get to 25: while you can only choose to work on three Board Countermeasures at a time, you don’t need to necessarily do what’s being shown to you. Let’s make an example: sometimes you may notice that a Board Countermeasure requires you to kill a set number of Snipers using a specific Service Weapon Form. Snipers aren’t exactly abundant in this game. So, a good way to ignore this challenge and choose a faster and easier one is to accept it and then discard it. By doing so, the game will present you new Board Countermeasures, hopefully some easier and faster ones or easy ones you’ve already completed (they still count). By using this method you can focus on those that just require you to get a specific number of kills of any enemy without worrying about enemy type requirements. Don’t forget to collect the reward when you’ve completed a Board Countermeasure.

First On the Scene
Complete 1 Bureau Alert
See trophy “Crisis Management”
Crisis Management
Complete 5 Bureau Alerts
As you play through the story, you will be notified by random alerts. These alerts never stop and you can decide to take on these at any point during your playthrough. These alerts ask you to go to a certain location and free it of enemy types. For each alert, you have 20 minutes to go to the location and kill the enemies. Some alerts want you to get rid of Hiss Nodes, red pixelated jigsaw-looking cubes attached on walls, others to protect non Hiss-corrupted guards, others to simply kill really powerful enemies. Make sure you don’t die as you take care of the alerts. Dying while completing a Bureau Alert will automatically result in a fail. Complete 5 Bureau Alerts to unlock the trophy.Some users have reported not seeing any more Bureau Alerts after Mission 3. Should that happen to you, reload Mission 3 from the main menu after beating the story (doing so earlier will overwrite your current save) and accept the Bureau Alerts spawning during this part of the story.