-Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 38 (1 | 5 | 6 | 26)
-Online: 0
-Approximate time to 100%: 10-20 hours.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
-Glitched trophies: None that i know of.
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No Cheats.

Complete Training, Camp Taccoa
-Story related, cannot miss – Follow the Commanders Orders, the onscreen commands, and the objective screen. This is just a tutorial for you to learn the controls.
First In – Last Out
Complete St. Mere Eglise – Pathfinder 1

-Story related,cannot miss – Kill the Nazi, grab the radio beacon, kill 2 more guys in a bunker, then let your team mates do the rest… follow behind them doing clean up.

Hot LZ
Complete St. Mere Eglise – Pathfinder 2

-Story related, cannot miss – A little bit harder than the first one, but mostly the same strategy. Follow your friends and let them do most of the killing, just stay in cover!

Longest Day
Complete St. Mere Eglise, France (Day)

-Story related, cannot miss – Now you defend the town you took in the last mission. Same strategy, stay in cover, let your buddies do the killing. TIP: After killing the first tank with a panzerfaust, grab a second panzerfaust before going to the next objective… a second tank will come and having the panzerfaust with you makes your life a lot easier. Also, near the end of the mission you will have to cross a field with 3 MG nests, 2 Mortars, and 1 Sniper. There is a sniper rifle near the break in the wall (where you get into said field), grab it and you can carefully sniper the 3 mg nests, the sniper, and 1 of the mortar teams before dropping into the field.

Operation Overlord
Complete Normandy, Route N13
-Story related, cannot miss – This is a car ride mission for the most part. Shoot the cars that follow you but you can ignore most everybody else. You will have to get out of the car at one point, but you will get in another car shortly there after. While on the ground just take your time and clear the enemies out slowly.
Winters Hero
Complete Brecourt Manor, France (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – This mission is really easy/really hard. You have to take out the enemy mortar positions. Just follow your Commanding Officers orders to the T and you will survive.
TIPS: Stick to cover, swap your weapon for a MP40 so you will have alot of ammo, and be prepared for enemies to pop out from around corners.
High Hopes
Complete Bavarian Alps, Germany
-Story related, cannot miss – You will be saving a well known CoD Character from the clutches of the German Army. You will have to take point through most of this so your buddies cant help you too much. Just stick to cover and make use of the lean function (Left and right on the d-pad) to look around corners.
Complete Strasshoff, Germany
-Story related, cannot miss – Now you will be breaking into a German POW camp. You have to take point from the beggining but you will soon have some backup. Watch out for doors! They tend to fly open with 2-5 Nazis inside, so be careful!!!
The Recce
Complete Benouville, France (Night)
-Story related, cannot miss – Your first British mission. You will be taking over a bridge in this one. Start off by providing cover for your buddies, after that just follow the commanders orders and stick to cover. No real strategy for this except keep trying.
Complete Benouville, France (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – Same map as the previous mission except now you are defending it. The easiest way to do this mission is to run to the MG Nest to right of the bridge upon start up and just start putting bullets downwind, be careful though because a group of Nazis spawn behind you close to the end of this part. Eventually your buddies will start to fall back across the bridge. A timer should then appear at the top of your screen for 4 minutes. When that happens head to the stairs on the left side of the bridge and follow it all the way up and around. You should be able to go prone and just wait it all out. Eventually your allies will arrive and clear everyone out. Wait until your object screen tells you to go get debriefed before moving.
Complete Eder Dam, Germany
-Story related, cannot miss – Now its time for you to blow up a dam. The downside is you dont have any buddies to help you out. Outside the dam is pretty easy. Take advatage of your sniper rifle and kill the guys from a distance. Once inside however it is luck/skill. Try to stick to cover and use the lean option a lot to peek around corners… and dont ever feel safe. The moment you get comfortable 5 Nazis will come out of nowhere and kill you.
Lorry Escape
Complete Truck Ride to Airfield
-Story related, cannot miss – Another car ride mission. Use the panzerfaust to destory the vehicles behind you before they get to close. About half-way through the mission you will run out of panzerfaust, so from then on just spray and pray until your enemies die. Good Luck, this one is tough.
GLITCH WARNING: I have had this happen to myself and have had a couple of other people tell me about it. The checkpoints in this level seem to be glitched (well 1 in particular). There are 2 checkpoints, 1 after the bridge gets blown up, and 1 in a tunnel about 2/3 the way through. The second checkpoint will flag randomly. I have personally gone through it with 100% health on regular, hard, and veteran and it did not flag, then on another try it would. So do not count on this one.
Wheels Up
Complete Airfield Escape (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – Another vehicle level. Well, sort of. You start off in the truck still. You will have to kill 2 trucks loaded with guys with Panzerfaust and Machine Guns, so use your SMG to kill them first. When the truck stops get out and immediatly look up because there are guys on the roof that want to kill you. After clearing them out get on the Flak Gun and take down the bombers while you wait on your plane to arrive. Watch the roof to the left, guys will still spawn there. When all is done get back on the truck, and enjoy your trophy.
Dam the Tallboys
Complete Battleship Tirpitz (Night)
-Story related, cannot miss – Another one with you by yourself. Easily the most difficult British mission. First part is simple, just stick to cover and use the lean function. The next few are more frustrating. An MP40 is your best bet here, and the best tip i could give is to use trial and error to figure out where the ppl are in the hallways, then run and gun before they can get there. Just keep trying on this one and you will get it.
Cold Day in Russia
Complete Volga River, Stalingrad (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – The easiest of all mission (except training). It is possible to get through this without taking any damage at all. The trick to it is this: FOLLOW THE SNIPERS DIRECTIONS EXACTLY. He will tell you what to do, where to run, and when to run. Just do what he says and you will win.
Meat Grinder
Complete Red Square, Stalingrad (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss. Fairly easy if you know what to do. When you start off, start running forward to cover. when you find some cover start making your way to the middle of the square behind a statue. There you will meet up with your new best friend (he will do most of the work ((he cant die))). Follow him and like I said, let him do most of the work, you just play clean up. You may have to run ahead of him some to get him to move to his next place though. You will eventually come to a point where you need to snipe 5 Commanders. they are hard to spot. 2 are in the trench and 3 are on the steps. After that follow your buddy out and watch the fireworks. Just stay in cover, enemies are still enemies, and you can still die


Death Tracks
Complete Trainstation (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – This is another one of those missions… you know, stay in cover let your buddies do the work… except this time all your buddies can, and probally will die. So try to stay with them and keep them alive as long as possible. The sniper rifle is your friend.
Sewer Rats
Complete Stalingrad Sewers (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – I personally hated this one. A lot of close quarters shooting, and even more Pop Up Germans. Just be on guard. About halfway through you get some buddies, and it gets easier. Until then, peek around corners and move with caution.
Ring the Tank
Complete Pavlov’s House (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – Hands down the hardest mission in the game. First you have to storm the house, pretty easy except there are 2 or 3 machine gun nests, plus 20-30 guys with MP40s and rifles that will love to kill you. Stay to the left and keep your sniper rifle handy. After all that is done you get to clear out each floor of the house.
Here is where it gets difficult. If any of your buddies survive (they all go stupid for this) they love to stand in doorways and not shoot people. So since you cant kill them, you have to work around them. This will take many tries. Start with the basement and work your way up. I have no real strategy for this, so take your time and clear it out room by room.
Now that you have done that, you have to defend the house. There is a trick to this though. When you see the final Objective Complete for clearing out the last floor, start hauling ass to the second floor Anti-Tank Gun. Try to get as close to it as possible before your check point pops. Now a tank should be coming. Kill it before it kills you and take off for the third floor anti-tank gun. There is another tank. Kill that one as well. Almost done, now a timer should pop up for 5 minutes. Since your on the third floor there is a really good hiding spot for you. Run back to hallway on the third floor and run all the way to the back. To the left there should be a room with a ramp going down. Behind the ramp should be a doorway to a room with a giant hole in the floor. The room with the hole in the floor is your safe spot. Get in the back right corner and aim at the door and kill any Nazi that appears. Wait for the time to go down and viola! you win.
GLITCH ALERT: This has happened once to me, and a few times for others. When sitting in the safe spot, the Nazis pile up in the hallway to the right of you. Every now and then they will some how get pushed through the wall and be standing on top of you. You shouldn’t have to worry too much, this has only happened to me once, but be on guard!
The Worker’s War
Complete Warsaw, Factory (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – After Pavlovs house everything is 10x easier. This is your typical stick to cover, let your buddies do the work kind of mission. Once again though, all your buddies can die. Snipe your way through the first part, then stick to cover and use the lean function. Also watch the rooms off the main hallways. Nazis like to hide behind tables in them.
The People’s Battle
Complete Warsaw Railyards (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss -This is a continuation of the last one. Stick with your buddies and use your sniper rifle a lot!!!
TIP: When the tank appears, kill it in the doorway then go prone behind it. While looking under the tank 80% of the enemies can be sniped this way and they can’t touch you. Just watch your sides. they will come running up. After you clear out the warehouse, run forward, meet up with more buddies, clear some more warehouses/hallways and your done.
Steel on Target
Complete Oder River Country (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – Your in a tank. Yes. A tank. After being on foot for 3/4 of the game, they finally let your feet rest. Heres the strategy for this one. I hope you have really really good aim. Stay as far behind your buddies as possible, and “snipe” the enemy tanks. They take anywhere from 1 to 3 shots to kill. Just keep hitting them until you see the explosion. Its a pretty easy level. Just try to kill them before they turn to fire on you.
Glorious Liberation
Complete Oder River Town (Day)
-Story related, cannot miss – Another tank one. Except your in a town. This one is actually pretty difficult. Around every corner it seems, is a guy with an RPG err, Panzerfaust, and a tank or two. You start with 1 friendly tank but he dies pretty quickly. Just take your time, and blow up all the buildings before moving on.
Tank Breaker
Finish Hurtgen
-Story related, cannot miss – Your final American Mission. Its actually pretty short. You can do this mission without taking any damage on Vet. You are able to stay behind cover 100% of the time, and your buddies will do most of the killing. The only thing you have to do is clear out bunkers, which by now you should be pretty good at. So have some fun with Pvt Miller. This is the last time you get to see him.
TIP: At the end you have to kill 2 tanks. Use the Panzerfaust found in the bunker you just cleared rather than the Flak Gun like your CO tells you. It makes things alot easier.
Rocket’s Red Glare
Finish Rocket
-Story related, cannot miss – Your final British mission and it is a long one. First thing first. Follow your buddy and use your sniper rifle. After sludging through 40 or so enemies, you’ll meet up with some more buddies. Make your way to where the VR missles are and refeul them, then blow them up. The refeul switch is in the bunker to the West, and your exit will be in the bunker to the North. Try to stay in cover when clearing the bunkers, and also use alot of grenades. The enemies like to ignore grenades in this level.
Flag over Reichstag
Finish Berlin
-Story related, cannot miss – The final Russion mission and final Mission of the game. And it is surprisingly easy. Heres how: SNIPER RIFLE!! Stay in cover, sniper everyone until its clear and blow up the artillery. After blowing up the first Flak Gun. Sniper the 2 Machine Gun nests and the 5-6 soldiers, then wait till one of your buddies goes running out in front of the tank. When it start firing on him, run towards the tank and blow it up. Then blow up the second and third artillery guns. Now its time for the final push (way easier than i think they meant it to be). Just find some cover and sit. Yes, its the final fight and you should sit. Wait until your tanks come and blow the place up. Then run to the front door, clear out the enemies, or wait until your buddies do that for you, run into the place, clear out more enemies, then run to the roof and enjoy the final cut-scene. Thats it. Congrats, you beat CoD Classic.
Old Glory
Complete the American Missions
-You get this one after getting the “Exfil” trophy.
Union Jack
Complete the British Missions
-You get this one after getting the “Dam the Tallboys” trophy.
Victory Banner
Complete the Russian Missions
-You get this one after getting the “Glorious Liberation” trophy.
Complete the game on Regular difficulty
-Complete the game from Training Camp to Berlin on regular difficulty.
Complete a mission without dying or loading a checkpoint.
-There seems to be some confusion with this. First off, you cannot continue from a save game to get this. If you check your save game file when you start a new level, you will notice you get a checkpoint anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds into it, so when you load it, it counts as reloading a checkpoint, so you wont get this trophy. You have to complete a level from Load Screen to Next Mission screen, without dying or loading a checkpoint. Easiest way to get it. Start a new game on regular, and complete the first level (after training) and dont die. It should be really really easy. Stick to cover, let your buddies do the work.
Pea Shooter
Complete a mission using only a pistol and no melee attacks.
This is the same as Survivor, except you can die. Just start a new game on regular, and switch to your pistol. You cannot use melee, i don’t know about grenades, but if you use melee or another weapon, even if you shoot at the ground with another weapon, you cannot get this trophy.
War Hero
Complete the game on Veteran difficulty
-Just follow my tips in the above guide and you should be able to do it. It is by no means an easy trophy. Just stay calm, and keep retrying. It can be done.
Hard Charger
Complete the game on Hardened difficulty
-Follow my above guide and this should not be a problem. It is even easier if you have already done it on veteran.
Complete a mission without taking any damage
-This one is easier than most would think it to be. I actually got it on Veteran without trying. The thing is, you can reload checkpoints (i.e. You start mission and get to checkpoint 1 without getting hit, between checkpoint 2 and 3 you take a bullet. Just die, and restart from checkpoint 1 with full health again) you just have to finish the mission with 100% health. If your playing on Hard or lower, if you get hit then collect a health pack, it still counts as taking damage. So if your having trouble with this one. New game, regular, any weapon you want. Take it slow, let your buddies do the work, if you get hit, reload checkpoint, and go from there.
Golden Club
Complete a mission using only melee attacks
-Same strategy as “Pea Shooter” just a little more difficult. New game, regular. You should only have to kill 4 guys. The first guy is when you first start the map. Nazi 2 and 3 are in the first bunker. Now when you set up the radio beacon, start running to the house that the Machine Gun nest is in. Crouch next to the wall and wait. Your buddies will kick open the door and proceed to kill most of the people in the house. Now run through the house and exit out the back and wait for buddies to kill everyone there. Now when moving through the second house (after your buddies have gone through) just haul ass through it. A truck will come if you dont and Nazis will stand outside the windows and gun you down. Dont forget about the Nazi to the left of the door when you leave the second house. Melee him down and your at the end. Follow Foley into the trench and the trophy should pop.
Get kills using a pistol, rifle, submachine gun, and grenade in a mission without dying
-Another misleading trophy description. No, you do not have to complete the level to get this, you just have to kill atleast 1 nazi with a pistol, 1 with a rifle, 1 with a SMG, and 1 with a grenade. Once again first level, regular and you already start with everything you need. Kill the first guy with a pistol, kill the second 2 with a grenade, and get your final kills while making your way to end. After you kill the final guy with whatever kill you needed last your trophy will pop. Just remember if you die, you have to get all 4 types of kills again.

Dutiful Soldier
Unlock all the other trophies
-Unlock all the other trophies.

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